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The is a 24/7 community news, sports, and video broadcast site for Livingston County.

We’re a paid subscription-based content site. According to Google Analytics (2016), we average 60,000 unique viewers per month.

The was launched by Josh Williams in 2011 at 75 Main Street, Geneseo, NY. We are co-owned by General Manager Josh Williams and News Director Conrad Baker, both of whom live in Livingston County.

You can reach us by email: or by calling our newsroom (585) 245-8395. You can see our ad rate sheet below.

Click on the following link to see our current ad rates: ad-rates-dec-2018

The’s Principles and Publishing Standards:

Our purpose is simple: deliver accurate, fast news without an agenda. The holds itself accountable for informing the community of good and bad events in our home community.

We are happy to publish all emails or letters to the editor that meet our standards:
1.    They must be reasonably written.
2.    They must be factually truthful.
3.    They must be attributed to the author by name.

A well-informed community is a healthy community. Sadly, this sometimes means that the must cover tragic events. These are our guidelines when covering a scene involving a person’s death:
1.    We will not release the names of the deceased until authorities have notified family members.
2.    In cases where a motor vehicle accident results in death, we will not publish photos of the deceased’s vehicle or its license plate until law enforcement has notified family members.
3.    We will never publish photos that include significant amounts of blood or an exposed deceased body.

The frequently reports criminal allegations filed by law enforcement. When we learn that someone is charged with a crime, we report it. We also spend a significant amount of time in criminal court to ensure fair coverage for those who are found not guilty or whose charges are dismissed for any reason.

We do our absolute best to ensure that our stories are accurate. When we learn of an error or typo, we immediately correct it. If the factual basis of the news story is incorrect, then we will run a full retraction of the story. We welcome our readers to bring any and all errors to our attention by calling our office at (585) 245-8395 or emailing us at

We live in a free country where media carries the responsibility of holding our leaders accountable for actions that affect those whom they serve. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect this freedom, and we at the consider this responsibility an honor.


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