WATCH: Blue Devils in Vietnam Memorial Day Tribute Part 1 of 3

GENESEO — The impact of the Vietnam War will always leave scars in Geneseo.  For a group of Western New York Geneseo Veterans, they used those scars as motivators to educate in publishing a book titled “Blue Devils in Vietnam.”

The’s parent company, Light the region Media is releasing a three-part video series to educate and inform the community on the book and the great sacrifices that these veterans made.

The book is a collaborative account of over 30 Geneseo Central School Blue Devils who participated in the Vietnam War. It tells the story of before, during and after of what they experienced overseas.

“I knew it would be challenging for a variety of reasons – most of all because after a cursory search, I found little to indicate any extensive research had been attempted locally on the subject.” said Livingston County Historian Amie Alden, who edited the book. “So I decided to start from scratch and called one  of only a handful of Vietnam veterans I knew personally, my old mailman Roger Johnson.”

From the fruits of the first meeting between Johnson and Alden, herself an alum of Geneseo Central School, the book began to take shape.

“For the first time in my life, a soldier explained in terms that I could understand what it was like to be plucked out of small-town Geneseo in western New York, and plopped into a place on the other side of the world, surrounded by jungles and rice paddies and live in fear for an entire year,” said Alden.

The will release two additional tribute segments on the 4th of July.

Geneseo’s Memorial Day parade will be the morning of Monday, May 29, on Main Street.