Waddy and Castignetti Conquer Croquet Field in Geneseo

GENESEO – Former champs Ralph Parker and Biff Strong were foiled in their attempt to regain the Club Championship when hot-shooting Nick Waddy & Geno Castignetti defeated them 4-2 in the finals of the Annual Club Tournament in Geneseo Tuesday. Parker & Strong had won the championship in 2014 & 2015, but did not compete in 2016.

Waddy got off to a fast start when he struck the stake on his opening shot. He raced off to capture the first two wickets while Parker struggled to hit the stake, Parker & Strong regained their footing and traded wickets through the first half of the course. They seemed poised to pull within one point at the turn, when Castignetti hit the stake from 20 feet out to put his team up 5.

Waddy & Castignetti continued their hot shooting, however, Parker & Strong battled back and seemed poised to cut the lead to two with the 2-point final stake to go. However, in a fateful shot, Parker, who’s ball was lodged in the previous wicket, hit a ball that not only broke his mallet, but knocked his partner out of scoring position. A few turns later, Castignetti hit a winning jump shot over Strong’s ball.

Fall league croquet will continue through October. New players are always welcome. Anyone interested can call 233-5338 for details.

(L-R) Nick Waddy and Geno Castignetti (center) are all smiles after winning the GVTC club croquet championship Tuesday. Runners-up were Ralph Parker (left with broken mallet) and Biff Strong.