TRACK: Kyle Rollins Finishes 3rd Overall at Nationals

NORTH CAROLINA — Kyle Rollins represented Geneseo High School in the Nationals Track and Field meet last weekend.

The event was Rollins’s first ever Decathlon Event which brought in 5 new events from the New York State Pentathlon champion and the Blue Devil standout surpassed all expectations with 3rd overall in the nation making All-American with a score of 6,310.

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by Deer Run Winery - 11/24/2017

“Nationals was an awesome experience,” said Rollins. “It was a lot of work to make the qualifying standard since I had never done a decathlon before. Once I was there and started making some good marks in the events that I don’t normally do, I knew it was within reach to make top six All-American. When it came down to the run, Coach Morens and my Dad told me what I needed to do to score in the top three. It was a great race for me and I was able to get it done for 3rd place. I’m very proud of what I did at Nationals. And I think I made it a memorable Fathers Day for my dad!”

The Pentathlon is five events which include: 110 Meter Hurdles, 1,500 Meters Race, Long Jump, High Jump and Shot Put. The Decathlon adds five new events all on the national level: 100 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Dash, Discus Throw, Pole Vault, and Javelin Throw.

Rollins came fresh off of his schools first ever Federal and State championship in Pentathlon (5 events) and breaking a number of school and Section V records.

“Winning States and Federations for Pentathlon was my ultimate goal for this year,” said Rollins. “After taking second place last year, my coaches and I knew it would be within reach. We did all the right things to make it happen this year. I couldn’t be happier.”

Rollins will be competing next year for St. John Fisher College.