Meltdown Meeting Ends with More Gridlock on Myers Inn

CONESUS – A Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)'s public hearing ended anticlimactically late Monday night with the board not voting on a Conditional Use Permit for a Lake-Oriented Business but voting to keep the public hearing open for another month. Over 100 members of the public sat through over two and a half hours of heated public comment for and against the Myers Inn as the ZBA opened the public comment section, closed the public comment … [Read more...]

Hamstrung Mount Morris ZBA has Just 1 Member in Regular Attendance

MOUNT MORRIS – The Village Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) currently has just two members, one of whom is reportedly ill and has not been making regular meetings. Mayor Frank Provo reported to fellow public officials and the public at Monday night's Village Board meeting that the ZBA should have five members but no one has stepped up to fill the three open spots in several weeks. "We are short three members of the ZBA," said Provo. "We have … [Read more...]