Honeoye Falls Residents Wage Write-In Campaign for Rick Milne

NYLON – Rick Milne's supporters are far from giving up after he lost the Republican primary to the late Bill Nojay and the Republican leadership did not appoint him as nominee. Honeoye Falls residents have an active social media campaign to write in Milne, their mayor, for the 133rd District of the New York State Assembly instead of voting for either Democratic nominee Barbara Baer or Joe Errigo, who the Republican leadership's appointed as … [Read more...]

Judge’s Resignation Re-Opens the Bench to Defeated Challenger

LIVONIA – The man who challenged then-Justice David Mahoney for his seat as Livonia Town Justice implied that he would take the oath of office if elected as a write-in. Jack Brown, who unsuccessfully challenged Judge Mahoney at Livonia's Republican caucus in July, said that he will do as the voters ask. After an unexplained resignation as of Sept. 30, Mahoney will be the only candidate to appear on the ticket Nov. 8. "I'm willing to serve … [Read more...]

Mayor Victorious Against Write-in Uprising

LIVONIA – Unofficial election results for the Village Mayoral race are that 19-year mayor Cal Lathan (I) has secured another victory over last-minute write-in candidate Andy Mayo, who stirred up a major turnout of write-in voters, the biggest the history of the Village of Livonia and possibly of any Village in Livingston County. The unofficial tally is Lathan 117, Mayo 94, with a difference of just 23 votes but nonetheless a victory for Mayor … [Read more...]