Livonia’s Weather Station Reports Warmer Chills than National Sources

LIVONIA – The new weather station that came courtesy of the Livonia Fire Department is reporting windchill temperatures several degrees above the National Weather Service. While the Weather Service, brought by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is the national authority on weather data and forecasting across the U.S., Livonia's station atop a 10-foot pole broadcasts very localized data for local residents, for free, at … [Read more...]

Fire Department Gives Livonia Online Weather Station

LIVONIA – The Livonia Fire Department installed a new weather station that began broadcasting weather information this week. Every few minutes, the Weather Underground channel, Station ID KNYLIVON5, reports information directly to the internet on local dew point, humidity, precipitiation rate, and air pressure. Data comes from several Livingston County towns from Avon to Springwater. The station shows sunrise and sunset times, and the … [Read more...]