More ‘Trump’ and Slur Vandalism Appears at SUNY Geneseo

GENESEO – SUNY Geneseo police are investigating the appearance of more vandalism using the name 'Trump.' This time, the message also contains a homophobic slur. Etched into the wall of a men's bathroom stall are the words 'Trump' and 'F--K F----T LIBERALS.' "The college is aware of the act of vandalism in a Bailey Hall men's room," said SUNY Geneseo spokesman David Irwin. "University Police is investigating the incident to identify the … [Read more...]

Livingston County Businesses to Fix Vandalized Park in Spirit of Christmas

CONESUS – The local radio station in Avon and a lawn mowing company in Livonia are righting wrongs in the aftermath of Dec. 6's vandalism of Christmas decorations at Ricky Greene Memorial Park. In the days following the incident, Conesus Town Supervisor Brenda Donahue said that it was unclear whether the community children and firefighters would or could put the Christmas decorations up again. Spirits rose when a kind stranger put Ben's Bells, … [Read more...]

Vandals Knock Mount Morris’ Celebrity Bear

UPDATE: Carver Rights Mount Morris’ Bear, Police Seek Vandals MOUNT MORRIS – The Village is furious that Mount Morris' most famous bear was the victim of an apparent act of vandalism Thursday night. Vandals appear to have unscrewed the bear's 'Welcome Home' sign and knocked over the carving. The sign was recovered lying next to the bear. "The sign was an add-on, so it was attached by glue and six or seven-inch bolts," said the bear's … [Read more...]

Cops Arrest Young Men for Hate Symbols on Wayland Church

NYLON – New York State Police arrested four young men, some from Livingston and some from Steuben County, for allegedly spraypainting obscene words and symbols on a church, street signs and a farm property in Wayland. According to a press release from New York State Police Troop E, Jeremy Mastin, 19, of Wayland and a 16-year-old Conesus resident were arrested for felony Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree. Caleb Moose, 19, of Springwater, … [Read more...]

Geneseo Police Catch Perps with All of Kelly’s Stolen Property

GENESEO – The Geneseo Police Department has returned all of the property that was stolen from the work site at Kelly's Saloon on the night of June 30. According to Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian, the apparent perpetrators are Benjamin Rafte, 22, of Webster, and Tucker Jensen, 23, of Phelps. Site manager and contractor Phil Deiter declined charges for both young men and both were released. "Neither are being criminally charged, but we … [Read more...]

Work Site Thefts Can’t Stop Rebirth of Kelly’s Saloon

UPDATE: Geneseo Police Catch Perps with All of Kelly’s Stolen Property GENESEO – Overnight vandalism and thefts from the work site at what will soon be Kelly's Saloon haven't slowed reconstruction at the iconic bar, which burned almost exactly one year ago. Contractor Phil Dieter said that the vandals stole hard hats and a fire extinguisher, flipped a table, and destroyed workplace signage at the site over the night of June 30. "To the … [Read more...]

Custody Battle Erupts After Vehicles Vandalized

LIMA– Several vehicles at a country home in Lima had their tires slashed and their hoods graffitied early Sunday morning, possibly as a fierce message in a continuing custody battle over a four-year-old child. A Lima couple awoke Sunday to find their two trucks, one car and two lawn mowers with flat tires. The trucks and car also had the words "I win" spraypainted on their hoods or sides in bright white paint. "We have a pretty good idea … [Read more...]