Car Knocks Down Geneseo Telephone Pole

UPDATE: Reservoir Road is now open. GENESEO – A car ran off Reservoir Road and into a telephone pole Tuesday afternoon. According to first responders on scene, the car ran off the road and knocked down the pole at about 12:31 p.m. The driver was not injured. Telephone lines were down on the car. The driver was able to safely get out of and away from the car. National Grid is currently on scene. The accident did not result in loss … [Read more...]

Driver Injured After Striking Tree and Telephone Pole in Avon

AVON – A driver was seriously injured after running off of Oak Openings Road Monday evening and striking a tree and utility pole. According to first responders on scene, a nearby resident called 911 after hearing the accident at about 7:27 p.m. and rushing outside to find the driver unresponsive inside of a Dodge Ram 2500. The driver then apparently regained consciousness and was able to climb out of the vehicle. He was transported to the … [Read more...]