Michael Falk Runs as Conservative for Open Lima Super Seat

LIMA – The Livingston County Conservative Party announced their endorsement of Michael Falk for Lima Town Supervisor on Tuesday. Incumbent Pete Yendell announced earlier in May that he will be retiring from public office. "The recent announcement that Supervisor Pete Yendell will not be seeking reelection, leaves an open seat in the Town of Lima," posted the Conservative Party to their website. "Sadly, the Livingston County Conservative … [Read more...]

Springwater’s AWOL Super Keeps Defending Absence from County Meetings

SPRINGWATER – Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry continues to defend her near total absence from all of her Livingston County meetings. On Dec. 6, the GeneseeSun.com released an update reporting that Babbitt-Henry had officially missed all Human Services Committee meetings and 17 of 22 meetings of the Board of Supervisors. On Dec. 7, Babbitt-Henry posted the following as a Facebook comment on our story: "I answered the Suns negative … [Read more...]

No-Show Springwater Super Absent for All 2016 Committee Meetings

SPRINGWATER – Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry has officially been AWOL for 100 percent of Livingston County Human Services Committee meetings in 2016. Babbitt-Henry was elected in 2012 and collects $15,510 per year. In October 2016, after the GeneseeSun.com published statistics on her absence over the past two years, she provided the following comment. Capitalization, bolding and underlining is from Babbitt-Henry’s email: “I work a … [Read more...]

Ossian Salutes Former Supervisor George Weidman, 1927-2016

OSSIAN – The following is an obituary for George Washington Weidman published by Hindle Funeral Home in Dansville: Born February 22, 1927 in Stones Falls, Dansville, NY the youngest child of Glenn and Katherine (Sick) Weidman. He was a resident of Ossian for 64 years beginning in 1952 when he and his wife Mary bought the Elias Geiger Farm, where they raised their children, practiced small scale farming and had an open door policy to many … [Read more...]