Springwater Sex Offender Faces Felony for Failure to Register

SPRINGWATER – The Livingston County Sheriff's Office arrested a Springwater resident on a felony charge for allegedly failing to update a change in address to law enforcement. According to a press release from Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Jordan Head, 30, was arrested for felony Failure to Register and Verify as a Sex Offender. Dougherty said in the release that Head is a level 1 sex offender, considered at minimum risk to … [Read more...]

County: Springwater May Have ‘Misrepresented’ Efforts Against Hoarders

SPRINGWATER – Livingston County officials are skeptical of information reported to them by the Town of Springwater regarding the status of the investigation and citation of a public health nuisance property on Wrights Road. Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry reported to Livingston County Committees and the Department of Health that the Town has exhausted all investigative and violation citation measures against the owners of the … [Read more...]

Springwater Town Board Faces Proposed ‘Manufactured Home’ or Mobile Home Local Law to Ensure Standards

SPRINGWATER - Springwater has set a public hearing regarding a proposed law that would ensure upkeep and manintenance of 'Manufactered Homes' or Mobile homes in the Town. The public hearing is set for August 7th at 7 p.m. and the proposed law reads:  Purpose; intent. It is the purpose of this local law to assure quality development and maintenance of Manufactured Homes and Manufactured Home Communities while promoting the health, … [Read more...]

Stolen Guns Load Springwater Man with Felony

SPRINGWATER – The Livingston County Sheriff's Office arrested a local man on a felony charge for allegedly stealing two long guns. According to a press release from Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Patrick O'Hara, 21, was arrested for felony Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree. On June 11, Livingston County Deputy Sheriffs were called to a residence in the Town of Springwater for the report of a theft of two long guns. Deputies … [Read more...]

Springwater Hoarders’ Animal Waste Now a Public Health Nuisance

SPRINGWATER – A property on Wrights Road is now considered a public health nuisance and the subject of another repair order from the Livingston County Department of Health and the Town of Springwater, forcing its owners to negotiate a settlement or cleanup plan with the County. Livingston County Public Health Director Jennifer Rodriguez says that the approximately 77-acre property at 6679 Wrights Road has been under investigation by the Health … [Read more...]

40-Foot Fall Seriously Injures Hiker in Springwater

SPRINGWATER – A young man sustained serious injuries from a 40-foot fall from a hiking trail near Rte. 15A Thursday evening. According to first responders on scene, a 22-year-old from Wayland and several others were hiking and taking pictures along two waterfalls when he slipped on loose shale and fell about 40 feet, breaking his shoulder or upper arm and suffering lacerations. The emergency call came in at about 6:50 p.m. "The group he was … [Read more...]

Springwater Man to Take Felony Pot Case Back to Trial

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The man who successfully appealed convictions from a 2014 trial is preparing for round two in County Court. Buza and his defense attorney since the beginning, Dan Magill, appeared in County Court Tuesday to declare their intent to have the case scheduled for a jury trial. The Livingston County District Attorney's Office offered Buza 5 years on probation plus court fees and fines if he pleads guilty. He declined. They … [Read more...]

Grand Jury Indicts Springwater Man for Throwing Baby Into Wall

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A Livingston County Grand Jury indicted a Springwater man on felony charges for allegedly throwing his baby into a wall. Matthew Sackett, 22, stood still and silent at the defense table as he heard his seven criminal charges read aloud in Livingston County Court: felony Assault in the First Degree, two counts of Felony Assault in the Second Degree, felony Reckless Assault of a Child, misdemeanor Endangering the Welfare of a … [Read more...]

Springwater’s AWOL Super Keeps Defending Absence from County Meetings

SPRINGWATER – Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry continues to defend her near total absence from all of her Livingston County meetings. On Dec. 6, the GeneseeSun.com released an update reporting that Babbitt-Henry had officially missed all Human Services Committee meetings and 17 of 22 meetings of the Board of Supervisors. On Dec. 7, Babbitt-Henry posted the following as a Facebook comment on our story: "I answered the Suns negative … [Read more...]

No-Show Springwater Super Absent for All 2016 Committee Meetings

SPRINGWATER – Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry has officially been AWOL for 100 percent of Livingston County Human Services Committee meetings in 2016. Babbitt-Henry was elected in 2012 and collects $15,510 per year. In October 2016, after the GeneseeSun.com published statistics on her absence over the past two years, she provided the following comment. Capitalization, bolding and underlining is from Babbitt-Henry’s email: “I work a … [Read more...]