Lima Board Defends Proposed Restrictions to Large-Scale Solar

LIMA - Not all residents are happy with the Lima Town Board's decision to restrict large scale solar fields in Lima. One Lima resident who attended the board's July 6 meeting came with the request that certain exceptions be included in the law being drafted, particularly in scenarios where farmland is not being utilized for agriculture. According to Lima's Town Attorney, Steve Kruk, however, the law will be worded to discourage … [Read more...]

Avon Proposes Temporary Ban on Industrial Solar Fields

AVON – The Town of Avon scheduled a public hearing for a moratorium and prohibition of large-scale solar fields. This may surprise some residents, since Avon Central School is home to the largest solar field on any school grounds in New York State. However, the moratorium, if passed, would not stop that solar field from operating. It would, however, prevent any similar fields from being built. "The moratorium only affects large-scale … [Read more...]

Agriculture Wins Out Over Lima’s Large Scale Solar Prospects

LIMA – It does not look like large scale solar will be coming to Lima after all, though a local law being drafted may make it easier for residents to install private solar. According to Lima Town Supervisor Pete Yendell, a local law is being drafted by the town's attorney, Steve Kruk, that will address both private and large scale solar for the town. “Steve is going to go back and put together a draft for a local law," said Yendell. "And … [Read more...]

Lima Considers Changing Large Solar Panel Moratorium

LIMA – The Town of Lima is considering changing their moratorium on the construction of large solar panel operations. Deputy Supervisor Cathy Gardner plans to present information learned at a recent New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERTA) training in Mount Morris to the Town Zoning, Planning and Agriculture Boards for feedback on a change to the moratorium on large solar operations passed last year. "They are … [Read more...]

High School Student Pitches Solar Lamps to Geneseo Mayor

Reading this on your phone? Download our new app on Google Play and the Apple store. GENESEO – An 11th grade honor-roll student at Ballston Spa high school near Albany wrote to mayor Richard Hatheway in Geneseo with ideas and drawings for solar powered lamp posts at 'main intersections' in the village. Skyler Cruz Wolsey's letter reads as follows: "Dear Mayor Richard Hatheway: Hello there sir! My name is Skyler Cruz Wolsey from … [Read more...]