Mount Morris Police Arrest Man for Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

MOUNT MORRIS – The Mount Morris Police Department arrested a Silver Springs man on a felony charge for allegedly sexually abusing a 10-year-old in 2015. According to Mount Morris Police Chief Ken Mignemi, Thomas Butler, 64, was arrested for felony Sexual Abuse in the First Degree and misdemeanor Endangering the Welfare of a Child. "This was a joint investigation with Livingston County Child Protective Services," said Mignemi. "They informed … [Read more...]

Torn Judge Convicts Mount Morris Man with Head Trauma of Sexually Abusing Girl

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A Mount Morris man who says he suffered a debilitating motorcycle accident in his teens was convicted at a delayed bench trial verdict of felony sex abuse Wednesday morning when Judge Robert Wiggins found him guilty of sexually abusing a girl under age 11 while bouncing her on his knee at his home. Roy Lane, 66, was found guilty of felony Sexual Abuse in the First Degree after the Judge postponed the original scheduled … [Read more...]

Cassada Sentenced to 1 1/2 Years for Raping Adopted Child

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – An Avon man was sentenced to state prison on Tuesday after he admitted to having sex with his adopted child, who was under age 17 at the time. Richard Cassada, 61, stood quietly alongside his attorney, Matthew Parrinello, as he was sentenced to 1 1/2 years for Rape in the Third Degree, an E felony, his second sex offense against a minor in nine years. "These allegations are extremely troubling, given the defendant's … [Read more...]

DA: Caledonia Boy Scout Leader ‘Undercharged,’ Sex Abuse Allegations Unearthed

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — District Attorney Greg McCaffrey said in County court Tuesday morning that the child porn charges filed against a Caledonia Assistant Boy Scout Leader are not the only repulsive conduct that police have alleged. Daniel Fisher, 25, was arrested in August for Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Child, a D felony, and Possessing a Sexual Performance by a Child, an E felony, for allegedly possessing and sharing illegal images … [Read more...]

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Sick Predator Deserves No Courtesy

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A vicious and twisted Dansville man was sentenced to prison for unthinkable sexual crimes against a young family member which he says occurred 'more often than not' for over two and a half years. In an emotional court appearance for the family, some of whom appeared in court, Ryan Edmar, 33, of Dansville, pled guilty to Criminal Sex Act in the First Degree, a B felony, and was sentenced to 15 years in state prison and 20 … [Read more...]

Vile Woman Agrees to 4 Years for Sick Sex Abuse of Infant

Reading this on your phone or tablet? Download our new app on Google Play and the Apple store. MOUNT MORRIS – A deranged former employee of Care-a-Lot Daycare pled guilty at her first court appearance Tuesday morning to vile sexual acts against a 3-year-old infant which were video recorded on her phone and obtained by the Mount Morris Police Department in October 2014. Twisted Tania Wing, 34, represented by attorney Steven Sessler, pled … [Read more...]

Pics of Child on Creeper’s Phone Evidence of Sex Abuse

MOUNT MORRIS – A woman was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly sexually abusing a 3-year-old child after cell phone pictures were obtained and examined by investigators with the Mount Morris Police Department. According to a press release from Mount Morris Police Chief Ken Mignemi, Tania Wing, 34, was arrested for Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree, a C felony, Unlawful Surveillance in the Second Degree, and Endangering the Welfare … [Read more...]

Shackled Fox Sentenced and Sent to State Prison

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – It was all about the victim's family in the county courthouse Friday afternoon, when Alan Fox was finally sentenced after pleading guilty to Attempted Sex Abuse in the First Degree, an E felony, in November 2014, for sexually molesting his five-year-old foster daughter in the summer of 2013. The court waited at the ready for a full 20 minutes for the biological parents, and their friends and family, to arrive and watch … [Read more...]

Dad Conquers Addiction, wants Custody of Children Abused by Pastor Fox

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – In a long, complicated, and painful legal battle involving drug addiction, divorce, and sexual abuse of his young daughter at the hands of hand-picked foster parent Pastor Alan Fox, a father is now seeking custody of his five children, including the girl who was abused. In November 2011, the dad, James, moved to York with his now ex-wife and their five children, at the time ranging in age from early teens to toddlers. By … [Read more...]

Father of Victim in Pastor Fox Sex Abuse Case Fights for Custody

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The biological father of the now six-year-old victim of sex abuse at the hands of Pastor Alan Fox of Dansville is seeking to regain custody of the victim and her four brothers and sisters, the eldest of whom are now 14 and 16 years old. Fox pled guilty to Attempted Sex Abuse in the First Degree, an E Felony, last Wednesday in a special-term court appearance and admitted to touching the victim's private area while stargazing … [Read more...]