EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: Real Punishment is Being in Online Articles

The following is an email submitted by Quinton Schubmehl to the for publication. The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the 'California Man Scratches Car, Sniffs Felony,' was the headline of an article about me in your August 22, 2016 edition. Included was my photograph, and my name, Quinton Schubmehl. My arrest was based on a video of me walking past a car in the … [Read more...]

California Man Scratches Car, Sniffs Felony at Geneseo Walmart

GENESEO – A California man is now charged with a felony for allegedly keying a new Lincoln in the parking lot of Geneseo's Walmart. According to a press release from Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian, Quinton Schubmehl, 63, was arrested for felony Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree. "The report indicates a scratch 6 to 8 inches long on a 2015 Lincoln," said Osganian. "Officers found the damage to be approximately $1,000." Geneseo … [Read more...]