Livonia Law to Address 4 Unwelcome Rentals Could Come Slowly

LIVONIA – The Town Board said at their Thursday meeting that they are prioritizing potential new policy to address the recently explosive issue of an unwelcome stretch of four rental properties, but that such change, if it happens, will have to come slowly. Livonia Town Supervisor Eric Gott committed to addressing the issue to the about 50 members of the public who attended the meeting to voice serious concerns with four rental properties in … [Read more...]

Geneseo Police Activate Policy on Suspected Illegal Immigrants

GENESEO – The Geneseo Police Department's procedure for identifying drivers with no or potentially fraudulent forms of identification is now in effect. Under this policy, officers will not contact border patrol if there is a suspicion that a person has stayed in the country longer than they should. However, if there is 'reasonable suspicion or probable cause that the subject entered the country unlawfully,' officers can detain a person and … [Read more...]

Geneseo Police Chief Writes Down I.D. Policy After Protests Defend Illegal Immigrants

GENESEO – Village Police Chief Eric Osganian presented the Village Board of Trustees with a written document communicating the department's policy for traffic stops where the driver does not have an I.D. that the Geneseo Police Department can verify. The earliest that the Board could formally approve this policy is May 1, their next meeting. The policy is closely modeled after that of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office. It says that if an … [Read more...]

Public Demands Policy Changes of Split Geneseo Board in Wake of Detained Migrant Workers

GENESEO – Members of the public asked the Village Board to make policy changes in the wake of Thursday's detainment of migrant workers at a traffic stop on Mary Jemison Drive. Mayor Richard Hatheway called a public meeting for 11 a.m. Saturday at the Village Hall. He, Deputy Mayor Sandra Brennan, Trustee Mary Rutigliano and Trustee Matt Cook attended. Over two dozen people including SUNY Geneseo professors and students, village residents and … [Read more...]

SUNY Geneseo VP: No Policy Change Results from New College-Village Compact

GENESEO – Administrators at SUNY Geneseo say that the rewrite of the College-Village Compact, which was signed in May at a ceremony at the Big Tree Inn, will not change any policies for either the Village or the College. College Vice President Robert Bonfiglio said that the document, which a committee of college and village officials carefully reworded over several meetings, more puts in writing what is already being done than requires new … [Read more...]