Geneseo Airshow Flies for Women in Aviation

GENESEO — The National Warplane Museum's Airshow started flying around the village Friday evening, but went full throttle starting Saturday morning, this year in special honor of women in aviation. Some of the larger and newer aircraft had to launch from the Rochester airport because rain had soaked the turf runway at Geneseo, but a few clouds and soft ground didn't stop the airplanes from pulling fancy maneuvers and wowing the crowds of every … [Read more...]

Warplane Museum Welcomes New Volunteers for Weekend’s Airshow

GENESEO – The National Warplane Museum in Geneseo appreciates the uptick in help headed into this weekend's airshow and invites anyone who is on the fence to get in on the airshow as a volunteer. Some museum volunteers are involved year-round, working on airplanes, maintaining the grounds and helping visitors. Coming down to this year's airshow, volunteers are flocking to the museum to make the airshow possible. "Without our volunteers … [Read more...]

Surprise Free Car Will Go to Vet at National Warplane Museum’s Airshow

GENESEO – The National Warplane Museum announced Friday evening that Operation Build Up will give away a car to an unsuspecting U.S. Military at the upcoming airshow on Big Tree Road. Justin Cogswell, CEO and founder of Operation Build Up, will parachute onto the airfield in Geneseo July 15 to deliver the keys for a donated vehicle to an as yet unnamed veteran. "We are thrilled at the opportunity to support Operation Build Up and the work … [Read more...]

National Warplane Museum’s Airshow Celebrates Women in Aviation July 15 and 16

GENESEO – The National Warplane Museum announced the lineup for their 37th airshow coming up July 15 and 16. This airshow celebrates women in aviation. Dawn Seymour, a WWII B17 pilot will be a special guest on Saturday to celebrate her 100th birthday. The airshow always draws thousands to watch some of the world's last flying WWII aircraft perform stunning stunts and gorgeous flybys. The planes land on the field and are available for anyone … [Read more...]

Far-Flung Veterans Services Gather in Geneseo to Reach Rural Vets

GENESEO – Saturday's veterans services fair and workshop brought services and benefits that local veterans are entitled to from as far away as Buffalo right to rural vets backyards in Geneseo. Jason Skinner, Director of Livingston County Veterans Services, said that the idea for the fair started when one local vet had to move into a nursing home because he could not access a location of the U.S. Veterans Affairs. "We couldn't get people … [Read more...]

SUN VIDEO: We Fly with Geneseo’s Most Historic Plane to Niagara Falls Air Force Base

NIAGARA FALLS – The was aboard Whiskey 7, the National Warplane Museum's most historic aircraft, when she made an appearance at the 914th Air Refueling Wing on Saturday. The Wing had a ceremony to celebrate their transition from an airlift wing to a refueling wing and welcomed Whiskey 7 presence as a flyover and static display. "The C-47 Skytrain were our first aircraft when we were the 3rd Combat Cargo Group which started … [Read more...]

SUN VIDEO: National Warplane Museum’s Educational Programs Take Off

GENESEO – The National Warplane Museum's educational programs are taking off, drawing kids and grownups from across Western New York to see real World War II planes, weapons and gear in action. On Friday, that meant the museum was host to Cub Scout Troop 6066 of Indian Falls. "I liked the Tom gun and this plane the most," said Cub Scout Spencer Kohl. "I knew that they had it but I didn't know a lot about it." Reenactors volunteer their … [Read more...]

SUN VIDEO: National Warplane Museum Hosts NYS American Legion Commander

GENESEO – The National Warplane Museum in Geneseo was host to state and county officials with the American Legion on Friday. American Legion leadership at the state and county level said that in many ways their mission parallels that of the Warplane Museum. "Amazing how we ever survived as long as we have, able to build this kind of destructive mechanical airplanes," said John Sampson, New York State Commander of the American … [Read more...]

Pearl Harbor Day Touches Navy Vet at National Warplane Museum

GENESEO – On Dec. 7, 1941, a clear, tropical winter morning in Honolulu, Hawaii, young American sailors woke to the dull hum of foreign airplanes. Hundreds of fighters, bombers and torpedo planes with the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service descended on the harbor, raining thousands of bombs and torpedoes on non-combatant American ships and planes. Loss of life was extremely high. The next day, President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on … [Read more...]

WATCH: Tuskegee Airmen Graciously Accept Congressional Gold on Veterans Day at National Warplane Museum

GENESEO – This Veterans Day, the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo hosted a moving ceremony for five Tuskegee Airmen to finally receive their copies of the Congressional Gold Medal. Rep. Chris Collins and Alison Hunt, District Director for the 23rd NY Congressional District held by Rep. Tom Reed, officially presented bronze replicas of the original Tuskegee Congressional Gold Medal to Wallace C. Higgins and Herbert C. Thorpe. Thorpe accepted … [Read more...]