St. Agnes Kids Buy ‘Sneakers’ to Kick Multiple Sclerosis

AVON – For this year's Lenten Drive, 'Making a Difference One Step at a Time,' students earned quarters from their family, and sometimes the principal, Ms. Elizabeth Jensen, for doing extra chores and good deeds. According to a press release from St. Agnes School, students used quarters to purchase 'sneakers' for $3, or the equivalent of one foot in quarters. The students colored their 'sneakers' any way they liked and then the sneakers were … [Read more...]

Debilitated Perry Baseball Champ Seeks to Knock his MS Out of the Park

NYLON – A rising star who was shot down by a debilitating disease is asking the community to help him recover. However, for former All-American Baseball player and single father of two, Peter Koronas, 34, the road to recovery is not just expensive, it covers great distance. To combat the Multiple Sclerosis that puts him in constant pain and prohibits him from standing for more than an hour, Koronas has set his eye far over the horizon, to … [Read more...]