Car Rolls into Utility Pole in Lima

LIMA – A car knocked down a utility pole on Rte. 15A (Rochester Road) Monday afternoon. According to first responders at the scene, the car was southbound on Rochester Road when it ran off the west shoulder at about 3:46 p.m., rolled into a ditch and struck a utility pole, breaking it and knocking it over. "There was a single occupant in the vehicle and he was uninjured," said Lima Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jim Pribanich. "He's … [Read more...]

NYS Fuels Bristol I.D. Expansion with $315K Grant

LIMA – New York State is giving a $315,000 grant to the Town of Lima to assist the expansion of Bristol ID Technologies, a local powerhouse in card manufacturing. According to a press release from New York State, the grant will help Bristol purchase machinery and equipment as part of their 8,000-square foot building expansion and the acquisition of high volume machinery and equipment that designed for improved efficiency and a substantial … [Read more...]

Lima Lifts Boil Water Advisory

LIMA – The Boil Water Order has been lifted for the Village and Town of Lima Public Water Systems. According to a press release from the Livingston County Department of Health, Village and some Town residents are no longer advised to boil their water before use. The Department of Health and the Village of Lima have reviewed the laboratory analysis results of water quality samples collected recently and have determined that the water … [Read more...]

Lima Enters Boil Water Advisory

LIMA – The County has issued a boil water advisory for the Village and part of the Town. According to a press release from Lisa Beardsley, Senior Public Health Educator for the Livingston County Department of Health, the loss of pressure in the Village of Lima public water supply and the Town of Lima north of Rexon Street makes it inadvisable to use tapwater unless it is boiled. "At about 6:30 a.m. on July 21, 2017 the Village of Lima water … [Read more...]

Lima Water Main Issue Causes Low Pressure

LIMA – The Village of Lima is dealing with water main issues that have caused problems with the village's water supply. According to our news partner News10 NBC, several Lima residents have contacted News10 NBC to say they have not been able to get water in the village. Village of Lima Highway Superintendent Ben Luft confirmed that the water main issue has caused low water pressure. Luft says that they are aware of the issue and … [Read more...]

Lima Board Defends Proposed Restrictions to Large-Scale Solar

LIMA - Not all residents are happy with the Lima Town Board's decision to restrict large scale solar fields in Lima. One Lima resident who attended the board's July 6 meeting came with the request that certain exceptions be included in the law being drafted, particularly in scenarios where farmland is not being utilized for agriculture. According to Lima's Town Attorney, Steve Kruk, however, the law will be worded to discourage … [Read more...]

Lima Faces Water Cost Hike or Supplier Switch

LIMA – Lima's water contract with the city of Rochester will be expiring soon, but with a cost increase on the way, the Town Board is considering other water options. This fall, Lima’s 30-year-old water contract with Rochester will expire. If the town renews that contract, the agreement will span 20 more years. According to Town Attorney Steve Kruk, however, continuing with the Rochester supplier will mean an increase in cost. “Several … [Read more...]

CJ’s Barber Shop Opens at Lima’s Four Corners

LIMA – After weeks of advertising, CJ’s Barber Shop on Lima’s four corners officially opens July 6. Owner Cindy Montes, who has 14 years experience cutting hair, hopes the shop will provide a necessary service to Lima and the surrounding area. “I feel like there is a need for it," said Montes. "There hasn’t been an authentic barber shop in the area in years, so I figured it was good to do. And I enjoy doing men’s haircuts and fades and all … [Read more...]

Allen Wins GOP Designation for Lima Super in Nail-Biter

LIMA – Colleen Allen won Lima Republicans' designation for Town Supervisor at a close caucus Friday night. Allen won 69 votes and Mike Falk won 50. "It was really crowded," said Jean Lacey, Chairman of the Lima Republican Committee. "It was really nice to have so much participation." Well over 100 people came out to vote at the caucus. The election is Nov. 7. … [Read more...]

Lima’s 84th German Fest Opens Stage for Revitalized Folk Dancing Group

LIMA – Grab your Lederhosen, Sunday Jun. 11 is the 84th annual Traditional German Festival. Lima’s German Club President, Michael Falk, is excited about this year’s event lineup. “So there’s a 21-piece German band from Buffalo coming in, there’s a German singing group coming in out of the city, there’s the first performance of an actual German folk dancing group, the Rochester Schwaben Verein Folk Dancers," said Falk. "Not the … [Read more...]