WATCH: Huge Black Rat Snake Climbs Tree at Letchworth

LIVINGSTON COUNTY A visitor to Letchworth State Park shot this amazing video of a black rat snake climbing a tree by the Lower Falls. Laurie Buzzard posted the video to Facebook on Tuesday. Its comment section immediately exploded, with commenters trying to identify the snake first and share what they had heard about this, New York's largest indigenous snake. "Pantherophis obsoletus - black rat snake. New York states largest snake," … [Read more...]

SOFTBALL: Geneseo Wins Shot at First Ever Softball Patch

CALEDONIA-MUMFORD – The 4 seed Geneseo Blue Devils beat the 8 seed Letchworth Indians. The Blue Devils walked away with the win 5-2. "Its super exciting, its huge for the girls, its huge for the program, its huge for Geneseo softball. We just have never been here before," said Head Coach Chris Masters. "We've been close a couple of times, the girls have been a great team for three years coming, we knew last year they were great we just … [Read more...]

Child Deaths at Letchworth Lead to Probation Sentence in Wyoming County

NYLON – The men who plead guilty to criminal negligence in the deaths of two children at Letchworth State Park were sentenced to probation on Wednesday. According to our news partners NEWS10NBC, Tyler Jennings, 34, and Chad Staley, 32, were sentenced to 5 years of probation for felony Criminally Negligent Homicide. On June 11, 2016, five children and two adults were in the restricted area at Letchworth State Park when they went over the … [Read more...]

WATCH: Heart-Dropping Video Shot Atop New Letchworth Bridge

CASTILE – Breathtaking video from atop the in-progress railroad bridge above the upper falls puts the internet right in the construction site. New structure is visible on both sides of the gorge. As we watch, a train passes on the existing trestle bridge just 75 feet to the north of where the new bridge will stand. The classic bridge will continue to be in use throughout the project. The clip was originally posted by Facebook profile Mark … [Read more...]

Letchworth’s Road Now Open from Mount Morris to Falls

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The way is now open from Mount Morris to the Glen Iris Inn and the park's three biggest waterfalls. Letchworth's main east-west vein of travel, closed in the area of the Perry entrance every winter, is now completely open to vehicle traffic. This means that vehicles can enter in Mount Morris and drive past the dam, Hog's Back and St. Helena to access the park's most grandiose scenes: lower, middle and upper falls, … [Read more...]

Letchworth Wins 2nd Place in I Love NY Contest

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Letchworth came in second place in the I Love New York March Madness competition. Livingston County residents know that Letchworth will always be number one for us, but the statewide competition put Boldt Castle in the 1,000 Islands in first place over the 'Grand Canyon of the East.' "The Genesee River roars through the gorge over three massive waterfalls, as tall as 600 feet," says "With 66 miles of hiking … [Read more...]

SUNY Geneseo’s Restaurant Takeover A Success

GENESEO — SUNY Geneseo’s Campus Auxiliary Services hosted its first 'Restaurant Takeover' event last night at the Letchworth Dining Complex on campus. Local village restaurants visited the dining hall, bringing some of their unique menu items for students to try. Featured restaurants included Village Tavern, Sweet Arts Bakery, Village Cafe and The Big Tree Inn, along with Questa Lasagna from Mount Morris. The event pulled near record … [Read more...]

SCHEDULE: Big Night For Boys Basketball in Sectional First Round Action

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — It's game day in Livingston County for High School Basketball for first round action in the Section V tournament Here's a list of times and locations of LCAA teams so you can get out to a game. CLASS B #3 LIVONIA (16-4) VS #14 WATERLOO (4-16) @ LIVONIA 7 P.M. #4 EARLY COLLEGE (13-7) VS #13 DANSVILLE (6-14) @ EARLY COLLEGE 5 P.M. #6 PENN YAN (11-9) VS #11 WAYLAND-COHOCTON (8-12) @ PENN YAN 7 P.M. CLASS … [Read more...]

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Geneseo Falls to Undefeated Letchworth 43-32

GAINESVILLE — Letchworth Indians defeat Geneseo Blue Devils 43-32 Jan. 30 to continue their streak. The Blue Devils and the Indians battled neck-and-neck in all four quarters but did not gain the upper hand. Both the Blue Devils and the Indians showcased a strong offense. Heidi Phelps led the Blue Devils with a total of 11 points, while teammate Victoria Finn contributed 6 points. Kat Phillips, Grace Hainsworth, and Kaity Keihl each … [Read more...]

Endangered Falcons Hunt Mount Morris Dam

MOUNT MORRIS – A casual birder poked along the trail by the dam on a blustery Friday, camera at the ready. A flying bird caught his eye, too small to be a hawk but slicing the wind faster than any pigeon. Charles Negley snapped a few photos as the bird perched on a high limb. Later, when he asked some friends what he had seen, the unanimous and surprised answer was 'peregrine falcon,' an endangered species in New York State. "There were … [Read more...]