Geneseo Kiwanis Gifts Aspiring Sign Language Major with Laptop

GENESEO – Geneseo Kiwanis gave a free laptop to a York Central High School grad who has his eye set on a degree in American Sign Language major from Keuka College. According to a press release from Geneseo Kiwanis, Andrew Rasesi is the grateful recipient of a free laptop which Kiwanis obtained from NotebookTek on Main Street Geneseo. "Geneseo Kiwanis continued its tradition of supporting young people in need by gifting Andrew Radesi with … [Read more...]

First Ever Online Tickets Available for Geneseo Kiwanis’ Reverse Raffle

GENESEO – For the first time ever, tickets are available online for one of Kiwanis Club of Geneseo's biggest fundraisers. According to the Kiwanis Club of Geneseo, tickets for their fifth annual Reverse Draw Raffle are now available online here. The fundraiser is May 20, 2017 at 7 p.m. at the Lakeville Exemption Club at 5939 Stone Hill Road in Lakeville. Proceeds will go to various childrens' enrichment and sports programs. "The members of … [Read more...]

EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: New Members Keep Kiwanis Effective in Geneseo

The following is an email submitted by Laura Wrubel to the for publication. The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the Letter to the Geneseo Community: You may have recently seen articles in this paper reflecting activities of the the Geneseo Kiwanis Club. The members of the club invite you to become a part of our volunteer work in this community. Geneseo Kiwanis … [Read more...]

Geneseo Kiwanis Postpones Antique Show to Spring

GENESEO – Geneseo Kiwanis' highly successful antique show will unfortunately have to wait until the spring. Event organizers say that a last-second training exercise at the venue, the National Guard station at the New York State Armory in Geneseo, necessitated the rescheduling. "Our priority is the health and welfare of the show," said Pam Linfoot, Chair of the Kiwanis Antique Show. "We didn't want to throw the show together at the last … [Read more...]

Geneseo Kiwanis’ 2016 Antique Show Feeds Food Pantry

GENESEO — Geneseo Kiwanis' 2016 April Antique Show was similar to past shows, but there was one key difference. This year, Kiwanis encouraged attendees to donate canned foods, to be passed along to the Geneseo Groveland food pantry. "The one difference about this year's Antique Show was that you got a dollar off admission with a canned food donation," said Pam Linfoot, two-term treasurer of Geneseo Kiwanis and event coordinator of the … [Read more...]

Geneseo Kiwanis’ Reverse Raffle to Lend a Hand to Two Local Familes

GENESEO — The Kiwanis Club of Geneseo is holding a fundraiser on April 30 to raise money for two Livingston County families' hospital expenses. The families, who will remain anonymous at the request of Geneseo Kiwanis, are both fighting health challenges. The fundraiser will be at the Lakeville Fire Exempt Training Hall on 5939 Stone Hill Road in Lakeville. Michael Tenalio, a member of Geneseo Kiwanis, said that members of the club are … [Read more...]

Geneseo Mourns Passing of Peter Bondi

GENESEO – The Village has lost one of its most devoted public servants with the passing of Peter Bondi. Monday night's meeting of the Village Board of Trustees began with a somber moment of silence, not only for those who lost their lives on Jan. 17 but for Bondi, who passed away on Jan. 19 at the age of 82. "It was a tragic week, but you can see the good that came out of it," said Hatheway. "From walking on the street, people seemed pretty … [Read more...]