Database Says Errigo, Judge Wiggins ‘Double Dip’ with NYS Pension and Salary

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A recently-created database says that Livingston County's Assemblyman and one of its two County Court Judges is among those who retired from the state's payroll, began collecting a pension, and took office again. According to created by the USA Today Network, Assemblyman Joe Errigo and Judge Robert Wiggins retired as Assemblyman and County Court Judge, respectively, and then took office and began collecting … [Read more...]

Over 40 Cops Watch Judge Send Lima Trooper’s Attacker to Prison

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Over 40 police officers and members of the legal community watched as a County Court Judge sentenced a man to prison for brutally beating and injuring a New York State Trooper in the spring of 2016. Judge Robert Wiggins sentenced Tyshawn Jones, 20, of Brooklyn, the man who viciously attacked and injured young Trooper Robert Hoyt on the side of Rte. 5 and 20 in April 2016, to 5 years in state prison and 3 years of … [Read more...]

NYS Judges Overturn Springwater Man’s Felony Drug Conviction

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The NYS Supreme Court Appellate Division, Fourth Judicial Department overturned a Springwater man's 2014 felony and misdemeanor drug convictions for an obscure but important procedural problem at trial. On Oct. 22, 2014, following a bench trial, Livingston County Court Judge Robert Wiggins found Byron Buza, 34, guilty of felony Criminal Possession of Marihuana in the Second Degree and misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a … [Read more...]

‘Unduly Lenient’ Judge Makes SUNY Geneseo Ambulance Thief Wait in Jail for Sentence

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The courtroom saga is not over yet for Colin Dahlberg, who was convicted Friday morning of misdemeanor charges for wrongfully driving an ambulance drunk from an emergency call on campus to the post office in Geneseo. Dahlberg, 22, will sit in jail for a week while his attorney, Peter Skivington, presents more information to Judge Robert Wiggins as he considers an appropriate sentence. Judge Wiggins said while ordering … [Read more...]

Crooked Caledonia Contractor Finally Pleads Guilty to Fudging $190K

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – After more than a year in court, a contractor pled guilty on Tuesday to perpetrating a multi-county contracting scam that defrauded several homeowners of approximately $190,000. Kurt Kline, 46, pled guilty to felony Grand Larceny in the Second Degree and Grand Larceny in the Third Degree. Over the recommendation of Assistant District Attorney Joshua Tonra, Judge Robert Wiggins allowed Kline to remain out of jail on bail … [Read more...]

Shanley Skips Court, Then Snagged in Syracuse on Arrest Warrant

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — After missing a court appearance a Nunda man was captured by US Marshall's in Syracuse on an arrest warrant. According to a press release from Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty,  Douglas M. Shanley, 38, was arrested on a Bench Warrant signed by Livingston County Court Judge Robert Wiggins for failure to appear in county court.  Wiggins then 

released Shanley on his own recognizance. This is not the first time … [Read more...]

Judge Sentences Arsonist to Prison: ‘No One Will be Happy’

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Brandon Rosa sobbed at the defense table on Tuesday as a judge sentenced him to prison for breaking into a stranger's house in Mount Morris, ripping property apart with a blunt tool, burning the garage to the ground, and telling responding police that his family was inside. With his family looking on, Rosa, 26, of Perry, was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 5 years of parole supervision. He and his attorney Kevin Van … [Read more...]

POLL: Results are in for Livingston County Judicial Landscape

I like to vote. In fact, I love to vote. There is nothing more American then going to the polls and casting a ballot. I love elections, greatly respect our local candidates, and go out of my way to ensure that all candidates receive fair coverage. I will be perfectly clear, the poll we ran on a hypothetical judicial race was completely self-serving. I was curious to see where Kevin Van Allen stacked up against incumbent judges Robert Wiggins … [Read more...]

POLL: The Livingston County Judicial Landscape

Our new poll feature has proven quite interesting with the recent results of the Livingston County leaders. Our next poll takes a look back to earlier this year when Kevin Van Allen, former candidate for Livingston County Judge, decided not to force a primary after losing at the Republican Committee meeting. As a result, with no likely Democratic candidates emerging, there will not be a choice for County Judge. Sitting Judges Robert Wiggins … [Read more...]

Cassada Pleads Guilty to Second Sex Offense, Released Until Sentencing

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Avon sex offender whose case has been adjourned and delayed numerous times since December 2014 entered a sudden guilty plea on Tuesday to Rape, his second sex offense against a minor in 9 years. His voice shaking, Richard Cassada, 61, pled guilty to felony Rape in the Third Degree and admitted to having sex with a female who was under age of 17 between September 2013 and March 2014. Judge Robert Wiggins had a brief … [Read more...]