Geneseo’s Ira Ice Arena Scores $25K in Hockeyville USA

GENESEO – The Ira S. Wilson Ice Arena won $25,000 in upgrades as a runner-up in the Hockeyville USA contest. NBC Sports announced at the intermission of their half-time hockey game that the finalists for the $150,000 prize will be Bloomington, MN and Belle Vernon, PA. "Thanks to everyone that voted #IraNY for @HockeyvilleUSA - it was a great run! Good luck #RostraverPa #OneKnight" tweeted @GeneseoKnights. SUNY Geneseo's social media push … [Read more...]

SUNY Geneseo in the Semifinals to Become Hockeyville USA

GENESEO — SUNY Geneseo's Ira S. Wilson has reached the semifinals of Kraft Hockeyville USA 2017, with a grand prize of $150,000 in arena upgrades at stake. Voting for the semifinals is April 18 and 19, and students, parents, staff, alumni, and members of the community are invited to vote up to 50 times per day. To vote, go to the Kraft Hockeyville website here. If Geneseo continues past the semifinals, voting will re-0pen on April 24 for … [Read more...]

Geneseo’s Ira Ice Arena in Top 4 for $150K Prize

GENESEO – The Ira S. Wilson Ice Arena is officially in the top four for the $150,000 grand prize from Kraft Hockeyville 2017. NBC announced the top four at 3 p.m. Saturday. This is big news for fans of the 'Ira,' which is the only full-size public ice rink for many Livingston County residents. "Thank you voting warriors! We made it!!!! We are in the top four!" posted fan Brian Lawrence. "New round of voting starts at 12 am on the … [Read more...]

SUNY Geneseo’s Ice Arena Shoots Hard for $150K Prize

GENESEO – SUNY Geneseo is giving their all on social media for the Ira S. Wilson Ice Arena, which is in the running for huge free upgrades and a chance to host the NHL for a pre-season game. SUNY Geneseo is peppering their social media pages urging locals to vote in support of 'the Ira.' Competition is steep, with five other community ice rinks in the game in the eastern U.S. Five others out west are competing with each other but do not … [Read more...]

Geneseo’s Ice Arena Wins Shot at $150K and Hosting NHL

GENESEO The ice rink on SUNY Geneseo's campus that has become a focal point for the Village's youth hockey programs is in the game to win $150,000 in upgrades and a chance to host an NHL game. 'The Ira' was nominated by a 'Charles L.' for the Kraft Hockeyville contest and is now one of 10 finalists in the nation, open for public vote here. "The Ira is the only hockey rink in the area, and thanks to the SUNY Geneseo Ice Knights, has become … [Read more...]