Geneseo Police Activate Policy on Suspected Illegal Immigrants

GENESEO – The Geneseo Police Department's procedure for identifying drivers with no or potentially fraudulent forms of identification is now in effect. Under this policy, officers will not contact border patrol if there is a suspicion that a person has stayed in the country longer than they should. However, if there is 'reasonable suspicion or probable cause that the subject entered the country unlawfully,' officers can detain a person and … [Read more...]

FROM THE NEWS DIRECTOR’S DESK: Immigration Law is Not the Cops’ Fault

Trustee Mary Rutigliano has stirred the pot to a boil. She knows this. She consistently doubles down on her pride in protesting GPD's decision to call U.S. Border Patrol at that traffic stop, inviting others to protest GPD's call and most recently inviting college students to get involved in and change the policy of the village government, which she represents. First off, her and others' direct criticism of Chief Eric Osganian and Officer Ian … [Read more...]