Dadd Delivers Assigned Counsel Plan to Livingston County

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Newly appointed Conflict Defender Hayden Dadd provided the Livingston County Public Services Committee with his plan to make sure that anyone in need of an appointed attorney gets one, even in the most unlikely circumstances. In his first weeks of office, part of Dadd's duties are to present the Assigned Counsel Plan, a written procedure to assign defense counsel in the situation where a defendant is indigent (qualifies for … [Read more...]

Livingston County to Appoint Hayden Dadd as First Ever Conflict Defender

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The county government offered the newly-created position of Conflict Defender to local attorney Hayden Dadd, and he accepted. Dadd currently serves the County as a Livingston County Assistant District Attorney and has worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney within his past eight years as an attorney. A panel including County Administrator Ian Coyle and Public Defender Marcea Clark Tetamore selected Dadd from a pool … [Read more...]

Sexually Violent Offender Seeks Resolution After Foot-Chase

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The sexually violent offender who was found hiding in a folding couch after a foot pursuit by members of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office and State Police is seeking a resolution to his case that would satisfy charges filed in both Dansville and the County. Robert McLoud, 25, made a first court appearance with his attorney Hayden Dadd after the incident, and Dadd put on the record that they are seeking a global … [Read more...]

Indicted Bail Jumper Case Adjourned, Potential Trial Looms

GENESEO-- Tuesday morning saw a court appearance for an accused criminal who jumped bail and fled to Texas where he successfully dodged authorities for nine months. Christopher Crippen, 39, faced the judge for several charges including jumping bail, possession of a controlled substance, and a cocaine related charge, request his case to be adjourned until later this month after receiving new council. Crippen is facing a potentially lengthy … [Read more...]