Future of Mount Morris’ $300K Allen’s Creek Grant is Muddy at Best

MOUNT MORRIS – The Village's creek remediation grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has a murky future. According to newly elected Mount Morris Mayor Frank Provo, the previous Village Board accepted a matching grant whereby the DEC would provide $300,000 and the Village could provide $100,000 for streambank remediation and flood prevention on Allen's Creek, marked on Google Maps at 'Allen's Brook.' However, Village … [Read more...]

Hamstrung Mount Morris ZBA has Just 1 Member in Regular Attendance

MOUNT MORRIS – The Village Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) currently has just two members, one of whom is reportedly ill and has not been making regular meetings. Mayor Frank Provo reported to fellow public officials and the public at Monday night's Village Board meeting that the ZBA should have five members but no one has stepped up to fill the three open spots in several weeks. "We are short three members of the ZBA," said Provo. "We have … [Read more...]

New Mount Morris Board to Handle $11K Shortage

MOUNT MORRIS – The incoming members of the Mount Morris Village Board will handle an income shortage of about $11,000 as one of their first duties in office. The current Village Board approved a tentative budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 on March 20, the latest date allowable by law. On April 1, a new mayor and new trustee will be sworn in. Current trustees said that the tentative budget, as it stands, will need more work before becoming … [Read more...]

Provo is Next Mayor of Mount Morris

MOUNT MORRIS – The Village has a new mayor: Frank Provo. Provo won Tuesday's election with an overwhelming 76.44 percent of the vote. “I’ve seen Mount Morris in its heyday, said Provo in February. "I was a board member during the DOT project, we started seeing some things happen in the business district,” said Provo. “I definitely want to keep taxes at a minimum and get as much out of every dollar as possible. I want to work with tourism to … [Read more...]

Palermo: ‘I Need to Be Elected Mayor of Mount Morris’

MOUNT MORRIS – Lenny Palermo is running against Frank Provo for the Mount Morris mayor's seat in Tuesday's election. Palermo says that the village is in a state of crisis and his nature draws him to difficult problems. He created the Unifying Party to run against Provo, who is running as a Republican and Democrat. "I need to be elected mayor," said Palermo. "If you ran your house the way the government has been run, you'd be living in my … [Read more...]

Possible Greenway Boat Launch Part of Provo’s Run for Mount Morris Mayor

MOUNT MORRIS – Frank Provo, who is as of early Wednesday evening running unopposed for Village Mayor, says that one of his goals will be to renew efforts at a grant expanding park areas along the Greenway. Provo said that previous efforts to gain a NYS grant for boating and picnic efforts on the Genesee River took a backseat to other projects. He says he will renew those efforts if he takes office as planned after the March 21 … [Read more...]

Frank Provo Runs Unopposed for Mount Morris Mayor

MOUNT MORRIS – The Village Republican and Democratic caucuses designated Frank Provo as candidate for mayor in the March 21 election. According to the Livingston County Board of Elections, no one else has come forward to fill the seat that will be left vacant by outgoing Mayor Joel Mike. Provo did not return requests for comment. In January, Mike announced that he will not run for re-election, saying that family and professional … [Read more...]