FEMA’s Expanding Flood Maps Could Dampen Dansville Real Estate Market

DANSVILLE – Village Mayor Pete Vogt says that sky-high flood insurance rates have the potential to make the local real estate market a little soggy. A potential property owner who takes out a loan on a property in what FEMA considers an area with a high flooding risk must then purchase flood insurance. Vogt says that since disastrous storms like Katrina and Sandy, FEMA is redrawing maps to include many more properties in 'flood zones' than in … [Read more...]

FEMA Awards East Avon Fire Dept. $28K to Upgrade Equipment

AVON – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that it will award the East Avon Fire Department with funds to upgrade their life-saving equipment. According to the East Avon Fire Department, they will soon be officially awarded $28,353 as a FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant. The funds will help upgrade and replace the five Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) and purchase a CPR machine. The fire department says … [Read more...]

Avon Unites as Leaders

AVON– The Village of Avon sustained some of the worst storm damage in Western New York last week. Horror stories of backwashed sewers, roads awash with several feet of water, and geysering manholes abound. Some roads were washed out, and a bridge over Little Conesus Creek was completely destroyed. Weather reports vary, but most estimates suggest that, in Avon, seven inches of rain fell in about eight hours. More than a dozen Avon … [Read more...]