Pinwheels and Talks Stand to Prevent Child Abuse in Livingston County

LIMA – Those pinwheels that you may have seen in Livingston County stand for April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month. The pinwheels are part of an annual campaign by Livingston County’s Department of Social Services (DSS) to raise awareness of child abuse and prevent it wherever possible. "Each year the Department of Social Services’ goal is to continue our efforts through this campaign to provide information and awareness about this important … [Read more...]

Social Services Explains Return of Allegedly Abused 4-Year-Old to Parents

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Commissioner of the Livingston County Department of Social Services (DSS) shed some light on policies relating to the return of a 4-year-old daughter to her family after her parents were arrested for allegedly locking her in her room for days. Vice Chair of the Livingston County Human Services Committee Brenda Donahue brought up the case at Tuesday morning's meeting, and said she was surprised to hear that the daughter … [Read more...]

Livingston County Proclaims November ‘Adoption Awareness Month’

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — On Tuesday, the Livingston County Human Services Committee approved to proclaim November adoption awareness month. According to Diane Deane, Commissioner of Social Services for Livingston County, so far this year 76 children have been supervised by foster care case workers, seven children have been adopted and five pending cases hope to be closed by the end of the year. "People choosing to become foster parents are very … [Read more...]