WATCH: Geneseo Police Officer Saves Fawn from Ditch

GENESEO – Body cam footage from a Geneseo Police Officer recorded the moment that he freed a fawn who was stuck in a ditch by Pizza Hut. Geneseo Police Officer Dan Piedmonte said a passerby reported that a fawn had been stuck in the water by a culvert on Rte. 20A (South Street) for 45 minutes to an hour. "I tried to spook it so it would jump up on the bank but it just couldn't make it so I got down and pulled it up," said Piedmonte. The … [Read more...]

Mount Morris Hunters Took the Most Deer of Any Local Town in 2016-17

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The 2016 deer harvest report is out, and it says that Mount Morris had the most deer taken of any Livingston County town. According to a press release from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, hunters in New York State harvested an estimated 213,061 deer during the 2016-17 hunting seasons, an estimated five percent increase over 2015-16 levels. Of those, 796 were taken in Mount Morris. “Deer hunting in New … [Read more...]

DEC Tickets Livingston County Hunters for Bad Tagging

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Environmental Conservation Police (ECOs) ticketed several local hunters for deer tagging violations. According to a press release from the DEC, ECO Brian Wade followed up on several deer season violations from the 2016 season. On March 18 and 19, ECO Wade’s first investigation resulted in an individual being issued a ticket for using his girlfriend's tag to take whitetail buck. The second investigation resulted in … [Read more...]

Cops Find No Deer Involved in Leicester Tree Crash

LEICESTER – Despite a driver's insisting that hitting a deer led to his harmless crash with a tree on Tuesday, investigating New York State Troopers found no evidence that he had actually struck a deer. The investigating Trooper said that the driver was southbound on River Road a little too fast when he ran off the road and struck the tree just north of Jones Bridge Road at about 2:10 p.m. The driver was uninjured but insisted, sometimes … [Read more...]

Man Swears He Hit Deer Before Tree in Leicester

LEICESTER – A driver insists that his truck struck a deer before leaving the roadway and striking a tree on River Road Tuesday afternoon. According to first responders on scene, the truck is believed to have been southbound on River Road when it ran off the road and struck the tree just north of Jones Bridge Road at about 2:10 p.m. Police are currently investigating and may find that the driver did indeed strike a deer. The driver was not … [Read more...]

Avon Loses Protected Piebald Deer to Car

UPDATE: Avon Misses Piebald Doe Struck by Car AVON – A deer that hunters vowed not to shoot was killed by a passing car sometime between Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. The piebald doe was seen many times by lucky individuals around the area of Fowlerville Road and the Kraft-Heinz plant and appreciated for its unusual beauty. "The hunters were all saying they weren't going to shoot it," said Kara Temperato on Wadsworth … [Read more...]

EMAIL TO THE SUN: ‘Avon Deer Shooting is Morally Despicable’

The following is an email submitted by Ashley Pankratz to the for publication. The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the When the Village of Avon surveyed its 3,394 residents to assess public opinion on the presence of deer within village limits, only 351 responded—a strong indication that most are not bothered by the deer with whom they share their community. … [Read more...]

No Opposition Heard at Avon’s Village Deer Harvest Presentation

AVON – No dissenters spoke as the Deer Management Committee publicly presented their plan to coordinate regulated annual deer culling in the Village. The committee, consisting of Don Mastin, Kevin Allen, Chris Connie, Scott Gage, Herb Jones, Chuck Kanty, Trustee Rob Hayes, Avon Police Officer Joe Geer, and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) representative Art Kirsch, presented the main points of the harvest plan designed to … [Read more...]

Early Bow Season Opens Oct. 1 in Livingston County

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos announced that early bowhunting seasons for deer in New York State will be starting soon. According to a press release from the DEC, early bow season for deer and bear begins in the Southern Zone on Oct. 1 and continues through Nov 18. "Hunting opportunities in New York have never been better and the start of hunting season is an … [Read more...]

Avon Maps the Village for Fall Deer Hunt

AVON – The Village of Avon is surveying residents to map areas of high deer-human encounters and identify the best areas to allow a special deer hunt this fall. The deer hunting committee headed by Avon resident Don Mastin is currently organizing feedback from the surveys, which went out to residents with water bills. The committee is 'districting' specific areas to allow an alteration to the village ordinance that normally prohibits any … [Read more...]