GCC’s Success Center and Arena Nearing Final Phase

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Two major construction projects at Genesee Community College (GCC) are about to graduate to their final phase. According to a press release from GCC, both the 18,478 square foot Student Success Center and the 45,000 square foot Richard C. Call Arena are on schedule and on budget. The College says that there have been no safety issues throughout the duration of the project. The dual construction project of the two new … [Read more...]

The Hammocks in Geneseo Comfortably Expands with 3 New Buildings

GENESEO — The Hammocks at Geneseo is currently undergoing construction to add additional buildings to its complex. According to a press release from The Hammocks, three new buildings will be available to the public to rent for next year. "Phase 2 has officially been started and should begin opening in early spring of 2017," said Tera Kendall, Resident Manager of the Hammocks. "This new construction will add three new buildings to our … [Read more...]

GCC to Accept Bids for Construction of Two Buildings

NYLON — Genesee Community College (GCC) will be offering two major construction projects for bid to contractors after reviews by the GCC Board of Trustees. According to a press release from GCC, JMZ Architects and Planners are carefully designing the bid packages to attract as many local contractors as possible. "Construction documents are almost complete and everything is on schedule," said Kristin G. Schmitt, AIA, principal of JMZ … [Read more...]

Tense Times in Avon as Pathstone Developers Talk Taxes with Concerned Residents

AVON – The Village of Avon invited developers to give a special presentation Monday night on the planned apartment complex on Clinton Street, specifically to answer a flood of concerns over the potential impacts that the project could have on local taxes. The developers, with PathStone Corporation, a regional community development and human service organization, propose a 60-unit apartment complex between Clinton Street near Avon Nursing Home … [Read more...]

Full Steam Ahead, Letchworth’s Railroad Bridge Breaks Ground Wednesday

CASTILE – Construction of the $70 million railroad bridge that will eventually span the gorge above the upper falls is set to break ground Wednesday and carry on through the next 3 years. According to a press release from Norfolk Southern, the arch, single-track bridge will be 900 feet long and built just 75 feet south of the current bridge. Norfolk Southern will also construct 1,200 feet of new track on either side of the Genesee River … [Read more...]

Nardozzi Delivers on Promise to Pave Geneseo Main Street for the Year

GENESEO – Nardozzi Paving has made good on the Mayor's plan to pave Main Street by Friday, leaving a solid, driveable coat of binder on which vehicles can travel and park. The final coat of asphalt will be put on next summer, in June 2016, and Village officials say that this gives the area a chance to settle and will result in a better product in the end. "What we plan is to finish the project 100 percent next year, meaning milling and … [Read more...]

Investor Dumps CM&M Concrete, Avon Project in Limbo

AVON – The investor has backed out of a major construction project for a concrete facility in East Avon, forcing the plan to start from square one at a new location. Town Supervisor David LeFeber said that CM&M Industries, proposed by Michael Valle, is planned to continue elsewhere in Avon, but that the Town of Avon has already expended a lot of engineer and attorney labor inspecting and approving the original site. "My understanding is … [Read more...]

Marshall: EDA Not Used to Fast-Track Projects

AVON – The director of the Livingston County Development Agency said at Wednesday's Livingston County Public Services meeting that the road construction project at Tek Drive will be completed and open to new businesses sooner than anticipated. Julie Marshall, Director of the Livingston County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), said that the U.S. Economic Development Agency (EDA) is impressed with the ability of the IDA in handling the Tek … [Read more...]

Construction Shuts Down Traffic on Lima Road Geneseo

GENESEO – Traffic closure on Lima Road near Volunteer Road in the Village means that drivers entering the Village from the north Lima Road need to take one extra step to get into the Village. Our first coverage of the situation from the scene was available while we were on scene by going to the GeneseeSun.com Sun TV Live Stream, accessible via our home page or here. A new culvert is being installed at the intersection of Lima and Volunteer, … [Read more...]

Two Hospitalized in 3-Car Accident Near Geneseo Construction Zone

GENESEO – A 3-car accident near the Nines on Lakeville Road sent two people to the hospital with neck injuries, including a college student who was transporting some items, including a mattresses and bed frame, home from college. According to first responders on scene, a Honda SUV stopped in traffic near the construction zone at the entrance to the Nines and was rear-ended by a heavily loaded Chevy Silverado loaded operated by two college … [Read more...]