Conesus Lake Capsize Leaves Family Looking for Dog

LIVONIA – A catamaran capsized on the lake Wednesday night, sending a small dog into the water. Facebook profile Bonnie Stauber Deaton‎ posted the following to social media on Wednesday: "This is a one in a million chance . . . but tonight we were in a horrible boating accident. You may know my father's catamaran well . . . we got a gust of wind and it tipped over. We are fine but we lost our yorkie, Bella, who was on the boat with us. We … [Read more...]

SUN VIDEO: Conesus Super Fends Off 2 Opponents for GOP Nod

CONESUS – Tuesday night's Republican caucus designated incumbent Town Supervisor Brenda Donohue as their candidate for Town Supervisor. Over 100 people attended to choose among candidates Donohue, Richard Corrigan and Robert DeLana. DeLana will still appear on the ballot on the Conservative line. The caucus designated incumbent Town Councilman Don Wester and Kathy Dickerson for Town Council without contest. Incumbent Town Councilman … [Read more...]

Police Release Photo of Missing Livonia Teen

CONESUS – Police are searching for a tall teen with red hair who went missing from the Town of Conesus on Tuesday. Livingston County Sheriff’s Office Captain Norm Zeh said that Adin Ladd, 14, was last seen in the area of Rte. 15 in the early morning hours of Tuesday on a bicycle which was possibly black in color. Ladd is 6′ 1″ and 140 pounds. He was last seen wearing black pants and a multi-colored sweatshirt. He had a soft cast on his … [Read more...]

Conesus Passes Controversial Legacy Law

CONESUS – The Conesus Town Board approved a controversial 'legacy business law' Tuesday night. The law amends the definition of ‘Legacy Business’ to a ‘business that existed before Zoning was adopted in the Town,’ (1970). Many members of the public have appeared at past Town Board meetings to implore the Board not to pass the law, saying that it would allow the Myers Inn project to continue and allow four other businesses expand to be that … [Read more...]

FROM THE NEWS DIRECTOR: Conesus Super Fires Low Blow at Board Member’s Dead Wife

The bloody free-for-all that went down at Tuesday night's public hearing for Conesus' hot-button proposed zoning law change is by far the most disfunctional municipal meeting I have attended in my career. This was small town government at its ugliest. Members of the public shouted over each other. Others stormed out. A kid left the room crying as members of the Town Board furiously ripped each other apart. Through it all, one unexplainably … [Read more...]

Inn Controversy Postpones Conesus Zoning Law Vote

CONESUS – Tuesday night's heated, two-hour public comment session ended with the Town Board continuing their public hearing on a controversial zoning law change instead of voting on it. The currently proposed change would amend the definition of ‘Legacy Business’ to a ‘business that existed before Zoning was adopted in the Town,’ (1960) and extending the period of discontinuance of a nonconforming use from one year to five years.’ As in the … [Read more...]

July 4 Memorial at Hamilton Farm to Commemorate ‘America’s Greatest Hero of World War I’

CONESUS – A memorial at the northern end of the Hamilton family farm in Conesus will be dedicated on July 4 to Maj. George Hamilton on, who is described as 'America’s greatest hero of World War I.' According to a press release from Col. Gary Anderson, he will formally dedicate the memorial kiosk at 11 a.m. at 5684 Sutton Point North, Conesus. A biography of Maj. Hamilton sent by Col. Gary Anderson is as follows: Maj. Hamilton was born in … [Read more...]

Conesus Board Member: ‘The Timing Sucks’ for Controversial Zoning Change

CONESUS – One Town Board member says he needs more information before voting in favor of a controversial change to the definition of 'legacy business' that would allow five businesses that do not conform with their zoning districts to expand, including, as the public has pointed out on numerous occasions, the Myers Inn. At Tuesday night's Town Board meeting, Town Council member Don Wester made it abundantly clear that he is not opposed to the … [Read more...]

Conesus’ Hot-Button Zoning Change Fails at County Planning Board

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Livingston County Planning Board recommends that the Town of Conesus disapprove one of the Town's fiercely controversial proposed changes to their Zoning Code and found the other proposed change to have no county-wide impact at their meeting Thursday night. A public comment session stretched over two hours, with some speakers coming up twice to address the Planning Board. Town representatives insisted that there is … [Read more...]

Over 100 Watch Locals Chew Out Town of Conesus on Proposed Zoning Changes

CONESUS – Town residents took the Town Board to task for what they feel is an obvious attempt to push the court-halted Myers Inn project forward, which the Town denies. It was a full house and then some at Tuesday night's Town Board meeting, packed to capacity at 99 with over a dozen others waiting outside. The meeting included a public hearing for modifying the definition of ‘legacy business’ and ‘discontinuance’ in the Town Code. The … [Read more...]