Conesus Board Member: ‘The Timing Sucks’ for Controversial Zoning Change

CONESUS – One Town Board member says he needs more information before voting in favor of a controversial change to the definition of 'legacy business' that would allow five businesses that do not conform with their zoning districts to expand, including, as the public has pointed out on numerous occasions, the Myers Inn. At Tuesday night's Town Board meeting, Town Council member Don Wester made it abundantly clear that he is not opposed to the … [Read more...]

Conesus’ Hot-Button Zoning Change Fails at County Planning Board

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Livingston County Planning Board recommends that the Town of Conesus disapprove one of the Town's fiercely controversial proposed changes to their Zoning Code and found the other proposed change to have no county-wide impact at their meeting Thursday night. A public comment session stretched over two hours, with some speakers coming up twice to address the Planning Board. Town representatives insisted that there is … [Read more...]

Over 100 Watch Locals Chew Out Town of Conesus on Proposed Zoning Changes

CONESUS – Town residents took the Town Board to task for what they feel is an obvious attempt to push the court-halted Myers Inn project forward, which the Town denies. It was a full house and then some at Tuesday night's Town Board meeting, packed to capacity at 99 with over a dozen others waiting outside. The meeting included a public hearing for modifying the definition of ‘legacy business’ and ‘discontinuance’ in the Town Code. The … [Read more...]

Conesus Super Explains Controversial Interest in Changing Code

CONESUS – Town Supervisor Brenda Donohue says that the Town Board is interested in changing the Town Code in a way that would allow the Conesus Inn rebuild, which was stopped by a New York State Judge, to move forward. Donahue said in a press release that came from the Livingston County Government Center's email server that the public hearing tomorrow, June 6, June 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Conesus Town Hall at 6210 South Livonia Road, will be to … [Read more...]

DeLena: ‘Conesus Problems Can be Solved with Good Listening’

CONESUS – The candidate for Conesus Town Supervisor says that the Town has massive problems that can be solved with a willing ear. An announcement Tuesday confirmed that Robert DeLena is endorsed by the Livingston County Conservative Party for Conesus Town Supervisor. There is no official word whether incumbent Supervisor Brenda Donahue will run for re-election. "I've never run for public office, but what I can do better than what's being … [Read more...]

Felony Charges for Driver in Double Crash on Conesus Lake

GENESEO – The Dansville driver who struck two parked vehicles on the shore of Conesus Lake Friday night is charged with multiple felonies. According to Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Shawn Schledorn, 41, was arrested for felony Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs, felony Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, and multiple traffic tickets. Schledorn was southbound on West Lake Road when he strayed too far to the right shoulder and … [Read more...]

Sheriffs Cuff Man as Conesus Gun Burglar

CONESUS – The Livingston County Sheriff's Office arrested a Livonia man on felony charges for allegedly stealing guns from homes in Conesus. According to a press release from Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Jeffrey Walker Jr., 20, of Livonia, was arrested for two counts of felony Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fourth Degree, one count of felony Criminal Purchase or Disposal of a Weapon. On May 14, 2017 the Livingston County … [Read more...]

Conesus Parolee Back in Jail for Strangling Protected Person

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A Conesus man is held at the Livingston County Jail on new charges alleging that he again violated an order of protection. According to a press release from Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Adam Bucci, 31, was arrested for felony Aggravated Criminal Contempt, felony Strangulation, misdemeanor Criminal Contempt in the Second Degree and Harassment in the Second Degree, which is a violation. Bucci's cases began … [Read more...]

Conesus Lake Streambank Protection Wins Environmental Project of the Year

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Conesus Lake Watershed Streambank Erosion Remediation Project is recognized by the Genesee Valley Branch of the American Public Works Association (APWA) as the 2016 Small Cities/Rural Communities Project of the Year in the Environmental Projects category. According to a press release from Livingston County, the completed project is designed to protect over half a mile of streambank that keeps an estimated 921 tons of … [Read more...]

Stranger Leaves ‘Ben’s Bells’ to Inspire Kindness in Vandalized Conesus Park

CONESUS – Once again, someone showed up to Ricky Greene Memorial Park in the dead of night and left the park a changed place. This time, though, it was for the better. When the sun rose on the fresh snow on the park Friday, colorful little clay bells, Ben's Bells, hung from the basketball net and fence. Attached are plastic bags that say 'Take Me Home' as part of a national campaign to motivate people to realize the impact of 'intentional … [Read more...]