Guilty Dansville DWI Verdict Puts Man in Path of 7 Years in Prison

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – An Alabama, NY couple took the stand to testify that they feared for their lives when a driver nearly ran them off the road and appeared visibly intoxicated when police asked him to step out of his vehicle. Based on their testimony and that of investigating police officers, a jury convicted John Anson, 41, of felony DWI and felony Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in Livingston County court. He now faces up to 7 years in … [Read more...]

‘Jailhouse Lawyer’ Accepts Public Defender’s Help in Drug Eating Case

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A formerly confident defendant representing himself on felony charges for allegedly tampering with physical evidence caved on Tuesday and accepted the help of the Livingston County Public Defender's Office. Though he has filed one failed motion himself, basically an order of dismissal in the interest of justice, Franklin Gay, 41, agreed to let Assistant Public Defender Christopher Laragy handle things from here. "You … [Read more...]

Green Balks at Plea Appearance for Yet Another Burgalry

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Caledonia woman who stands charged with 7 counts of Burglary and 7 counts of Larceny was ready to plead guilty to the top count Tuesday morning but backed down at the last second. Nicole Green, 29, continuously wept in court as she at first indicated that she was ready to enter a plea and face state prison time, then changed her mind when Judge Robert Wiggins said that the plea would mean a fixed sentence 9 years in … [Read more...]

Krebbecks’ ‘Helpless’ Grandma and Kitty OK After All

Reading this on your phone? Download our new app on Google Play and the Apple store. LIVINGSTON COUNTY – After a long and frustrating series of hearings in county court on Tuesday, a Lima man who was convicted of ATM fraud and sentenced to weekends in jail was locked up without bail following another arrest for allegedly sneaking pills into jail, a violation which could now land him with prison time. Mark Krebbecks, 45, claimed in court … [Read more...]

Accused Sawn-Off Shotgun Dealer Braces for Trial

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A Springwater woman is preparing for a possible trial on felony weapons possession and sale charges after an investigation by the Livingston County Drug Task Force alleged that she sold a sawn-off shotgun to an undercover officer. Ashleigh Jones, 23, stands charged with Criminal Sale of a Firearm in the Third Degree, as well as Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Fourth Degree, and if she is convicted at trial, she could … [Read more...]