Livonia Judge Dismisses Charges in ‘Creepy Clown’ Prank Case

LIVONIA – A justice dismissed the criminal charge against the Lakeville man arrested in October for a 'creepy clown' prank that doubled law enforcement patrols at and around local schools. Livingston County Chief Public Defender Marcea Clark Tetamore confirmed that the misdemeanor Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree charge against Christopher Hooper, 43, was dropped Tuesday night by Justice Robert Lemmen after a motion by … [Read more...]

Details Emerge on Livonia’s Bizarre Clown Prankster

LIVONIA – The man who terrified Livingston County with a single photoshop hoax paints an increasingly bizarre portrait of himself. Christopher Hooper, 43, said at arraignment in Livonia Town Court Tuesday that he is a painter and parolee who lives with his parents in Lakeville. His Facebook profile, rife with disturbing images of fire, obscene gestures and creepy clowns, teems with images of the word 'outlaw' in various contexts. "I'm a … [Read more...]