Livonia to Bid Farewell to Chris Copeland March 3

LIVONIA – The following is adapted from an obituary by Kevin W. Dougherty Funeral Homes. If local communities have learned anything over the past month, it is that Chris Copeland had many dear friends. He is survived by daughters Madison Lynn Copeland and Arianna Lee Copeland, his mother Patricia (Randy Remming) Copeland of Conesus, his father Gregory Copeland of Buffalo, and his brother Cameron Copeland of Livonia. He is also survived … [Read more...]

Searchers Deliver Chris Copeland Home from Conesus Lake

LIVONIA – Searchers recovered the body of Christopher Copeland Wednesday afternoon. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty confirmed that Copeland was found. "It's significant for the families to have closure," said Dougherty on the shore of Conesus Lake. "You don't think of the thoughts that go through a family's mind of 'well how do we file for their estate or how do we have a funeral or do we have a funeral and are they really in the … [Read more...]

Searchers Find Lost Men’s Snowmobile in Conesus Lake

LIVONIA – Search teams located the snowmobile that disappeared with two men on Conesus Lake. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty updated the public via Twitter that the snowmobile is located. Searchers found the body of Jay Fluet earlier on Wednesday and continue to look for Chris Copeland. "The snowmobile has been located but we have not located Chris yet," tweeted Dougherty. At about 3 a.m. on Feb 11, the two are believed to … [Read more...]

Searchers Back on Conesus Lake after 6-Day Hiatus

LIVONIA – Seachers are back on Conesus Lake after a six-day hiatus due to excessive ice. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty updated the public on Twitter that the search is back on for Chris Copeland and Jay Fluet. "Several boats on the lake with 3 side scans actively searching," tweeted Dougherty. Both men were reported missing at 3 a.m. on Feb. 12. The Sheriff’s Office’s underwater sonar robot, local fire department boats, and … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK: The Chris Copeland Impact

This week has been an awful struggle. I can't shake the tragedy that unfolded over the weekend and the loss of my friend Chris Copeland. Chris and his friend went out snowmobiling on Conesus Lake, never to return again. I didn't know Jay Fluet very well, but if he's anything like all of Chris' other friends, he's a good guy. Most are great guys. The part that I'm struggling with is that Chris and I grew up together. If you grew up in the crew … [Read more...]

Conesus Lake Search Suspended for Ice

LIVONIA – After four full days of searching, the recovery mission for the two missing snowmobilers is being called off until ice recedes. According to Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, the search may resume in a few days. "We scanned everything in our targeted area. Search will be suspended until ice recedes back enough to scan farther north; best case few days" tweeted Dougherty. The Sheriff added that he met with the families of both Chris … [Read more...]

Conesus Lake Search Continues into Fourth Day

LIVONIA – The search for the two missing snowmobilers on Conesus Lake continues Wednesday morning. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty is updating the public on the operation over Twitter. "We will continue side scan sonar today at the northern end of the lake with open water. Two under water robots will work under the ice." tweeted Dougherty Wednesday morning. Christopher Copeland, 40, and Jason Fluet, 40, have been reported … [Read more...]

Over 100 Hold Vigil for Conesus Lake’s Lost Snowmobilers

LIVONIA – Over 100 people held a vigil for the two men who are still missing after a three-day search. According to our news partner News10NBC, family and friends gathered at Vitale Park to share stories and fond memories about Jason Fluet and Chris Copeland. Copeland grew up in Livonia and many in the community feel close to him and his family. A GoFundMe page has been set up to benefit Copeland's two young daughters. The page is … [Read more...]

GoFundme Page to Help Copeland’s Daughters as Search Continues

LIVONIA — A GoFundMe page has been set up for Chris Copeland, who went missing while snowmobiling on Conesus Lake. Copeland went missing over the weekend while snowmobiling with his friend, Jay Fluet. They are believed to have fallen through the ice. Searchers recovered two helmets but have yet to recover either person. Funds raised will go to support the children. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty and first responders are now calling this a … [Read more...]

Day 3 of Conesus Lake Search Ends with No Findings

LIVONIA – Day three of the search for two missing men ended with no findings. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty continues to update the public on Twitter whenever divers go into the water to search an area of interest or leave the water to come up to resume searching with an underwater sonar robot. "The recovery mission is called for the day. Several points of interest were checked with negative results. All members out of water … [Read more...]