ICE Detains ‘At Least 8’ in Village of Caledonia

CALEDONIA – Immigration and Customs Enforcement are believed to have detained several people on North Street. Multiple independent sources confirm that multiple people with vests marked I.C.E. escorted several people from a property between Pioneer Road and Mill Street. Eyewitnesses report seeing plainclothes law enforcement involved as well as the Caledonia Police Department. Neighbors say that the resident mother and children were not … [Read more...]

Burglar Smashes Main Street Caledonia Window for Smokes

CALEDONIA – Police are investigating a possible burglary at Crosby's on Main Street. According to Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, a person is believed to have broken a window to get into the store. No one is in custody in connection to the burglary. The Livingston County Sheriff's Office is investigating. The incident is believed to have occurred after Crosby's closed at midnight, technically Tuesday morning. A local … [Read more...]

Drug Task Force Alleges Felony Coke Sale in Caledonia

CALEDONIA – The Livingston County Drug Task Force arrested a Caledonia man for allegedly selling powder cocaine. According to a press release from the Livingston County Drug Task Force, Zachary Martin, 23, was arrested for Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, both of which are high-level drug felonies. "If you have information regarding the sale of … [Read more...]

Firefighter Video Shows Caledonia Barn Fire

CALEDONIA – This brief video clip released by the East Avon Fire Department on social media shows the scene of a barn fire on River Road. The Livingston County Sheriff's Office released on social media that the fire is from trash smoldering at a disposal building. The Sheriff's Office says that there is no cause for any alarm. Multiple fire departments responded to the scene. … [Read more...]

Inmate Says Caledonia Murder Suspect Confessed in Jail

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A federal inmate is saying that the man accused of murdering his girlfriend's roomate confessed in jail. Aukut Ozkaynak, 37, is accused of felony Murder in the Second Degree and felony Tampering with Physical Evidence. Ozkaynak, who the federal inmate says is known in jail as 'Ike,' shook his head as he watched the inmate enter the courtroom. "Our first encounter was on Aug. 5, 2016. He came out of his cell and asked if … [Read more...]

Over 1 Year Later, Caledonia Murder Suspects Hit Snags in Cases

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The cases against two people accused of murdering a roomate and burning her body in Caledonia will return to court for more arguments than were expected. Aykut Ozkaynak, 36, and Mary Neverett, 43, are both charged with felony Murder in the Second Degree and felony Tampering with Physical Evidence. The hangup is about search warrants in each case, whether they were properly applied for by law enforcement, and whether Judge … [Read more...]

Caledonia Native Matt Cappotelli is Undergoing Second Brain Surgery

CALEDONIA —Matt Cappotelli is scheduled to undergo his second brain surgery to remove a tumor. According to a Facebook post from Cappotelli former winner of a WWE contract on Tough Enough III, has disclosed that the brain tumor that ended his career 10 years ago has returned. "Waiting to be taken for my MRI and get prepared for my second brain surgery tomorrow," said Cappotelli in his Facebook post. "Just found out that the tumor that I had … [Read more...]

Hunter Asks for License Back after Killing Sister in Law in Caledonia

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Rochester man who pled guilty to a felony for a fatal Caledonia hunting accident late last year is on a mission to get his hunting privileges back. John Lander, 51, asked Judge Robert Wiggins if he could have his hunting license back now that he has pled guilty to felony Criminally Negligent Homicide and been sentenced to 4 months of weekends with work release eligibility and a Conditional Discharge requiring a … [Read more...]

Attorney Wants to Suppress Caledonia Murder Suspect’s Statements

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The latest development in the murder case against Mary Neverett came Thursday when her attorney argued that statements made to law enforcement are inadmissible at trial. Neverett, 43, stands charged with Murder in the Second Degree and felony Tampering with Physical Evidence. In oral arguments of motions that took over an hour, her assigned attorney, Lindsay Quintilone, questioned the majority of the evidence collected in … [Read more...]

Attorney in Caledonia Burned Body Murder Case Attacks Arrest and Evidence

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The attorney defending a Gates man from murder charges is aggressively pursuing suppression of evidence, saying that it was collected illegally. Aykut Ozkaynak, 36, is charged with Murder in the Second Degree and felony Tampering with Physical Evidence. Attorney Steve Sessler, assigned to the case by the court, seeks to suppress all of the evidence collected by law enforcement after the signature of a search warrant by … [Read more...]