Livingston County Workforce Development Braces for Massive Fed Cuts

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Workforce Development is proposing its first staffing change in anticipation of potential cuts to as much as 90 percent if its total funding. Ryan Snyder, Director for Livingston County Workforce Development, appeared before the County Ways and Means Committee Monday morning to request the deletion of a clerk-typist position in light of cuts to federal monies that fund 90 percent of Workforce Development. "Most of our … [Read more...]

Proposed Geneseo School Budget Tops $20M

GENESEO – Geneseo Central School's proposed budget for 2017-2018 is over $20 million. According to the school's budget notice, a $20,154,146 budget is proposed. This is a $541,997 increase from last year's budget, which comes out to a 2.76 percent increase. Geneseo is not the highest-budgeted school in Livingston County. By comparison, Avon Central School's proposed 2017-2018 budget is $20,203,496, down from $20,344,466 in … [Read more...]

Final NYS Budget Gives Hope to Vacant Properties in Livingston County

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The final enacted budget includes increased opportunity to save local abandoned or vacant properties. According to a press release from Senator Catharine Young, her advocacy resulted in language being included in the final budget that will expand the number of statewide land banks from 20 to 25. “In just a few years, land banks have been successful throughout the state to help revitalize communities," said Young. "The … [Read more...]

Village of Geneseo’s New Budget has 70% Drop in Code Enforcement Costs

GENESEO – The Village Board unanimously passed their budget for 2017-2018 Monday night which includes a 70 percent decrease in code enforcement costs. The cost of 'code enforcement,' one line item that composes the over $30,000 budget for the village code enforcement office, will drop from $9,400 in 2016-2017 to $3,000 in 2017-2018 due to the Village terminating their contract with the Town of Geneseo to share code enforcement services. The … [Read more...]

Avon School’s Online Survey Asks for Public Input on Budget

AVON – An online survey asks for the public's ideas about the proposed 2017-2018 school budget. According to Avon Central Schools, the link will be accessible on their website here by the end of the day Wednesday. "The Avon Central School District is in the process of developing the 2017 2018 school budget and we welcome, appreciate, and value your input," said Avon Central Schools in the release. "The Board would like to extend an … [Read more...]

Livingston County Administrator Proposes $155M Budget

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – County Administrator Ian Coyle formally presented a $155 million budget proposal Wednesday to the Livingston County Board of Supervisors. Coyle said that the proposed budget, which the Board of Supervisors will vote on at their next meeting, would increase Livingston County taxes by 1.45 percent. "The average single-family homeowner will have an impact somewhere around $5," said Coyle. "If you had a property worth … [Read more...]

Livingston County Prepares for Ramifications of Negotiated NYS Budget

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Livingston County government is preparing for closely negotiated, profound fiscal changes that stem from the New York State budget, which passed on April 1. The state budget provides for slightly altered implementation of several actions which Livingston County strongly opposed, including state mandated $15 minimum wage, 12-week paid family leave for employees of business, and having counties cover county Medicaid … [Read more...]

NYS Budget Appropriates Over $626M for Local Schools

NYLON — The newly passed New York State budget appropriates over $636 million in education funding for schools in the 57th District, which includes most of Livingston County. According to a press release from Young, the budget calls for $626,605,202 in education aid, an increase of over 7.5 percent since last year. This year's state budget calls for $1.5 billion in new education funding, bringing the statewide total assistance for education to … [Read more...]

NYS Senate Republicans Reveal Tax Cut Plan

NYLON – Members of the New York State Senate Republican Majority have revealed the first part of their one-house budget proposal and broad-based tax cut plan that is intended to cut taxes for the middle class, seniors, and small businesses. According to a press release from Senator Patrick Gallivan, the plan creates a new 25 percent rate reduction for middle class taxpayers, new tax savings with the goal of preventing seniors from leaving New … [Read more...]

Knight Receives 11 Percent Raise Despite Concern from Councilman Blye

AVON – The Town Board went back and forth among themselves and with Town employees over the 2016 budget for more than an hour last week, specifically over raises being offered to the Town Clerk and other employees. Because Town Clerk Sharon Knight's three roles are being combined, it appears that she is getting an 11% increase for 2016, far more than the 2% being budgeted for the rest of the Town's employees. Jan Cole, town court clerk and … [Read more...]