Springwater’s AWOL Super Keeps Defending Absence from County Meetings

SPRINGWATER – Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry continues to defend her near total absence from all of her Livingston County meetings. On Dec. 6, the GeneseeSun.com released an update reporting that Babbitt-Henry had officially missed all Human Services Committee meetings and 17 of 22 meetings of the Board of Supervisors. On Dec. 7, Babbitt-Henry posted the following as a Facebook comment on our story: "I answered the Suns negative … [Read more...]

No-Show Springwater Supervisor AWOL for Most County Meetings

UPDATE: Springwater Supervisor Defends Absence from County Meetings SPRINGWATER – The Town Supervisor has been absent for more than half of Livingston County Board of Supervisors meetings and nearly all Human Services committee meetings since her re-election in 2015. After beating two other candidates for the job, Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry missed 9 of 12 Human Services meetings and 14 of 24 Board of Supervisors Meetings in 2015. The … [Read more...]

All but One Livingston County Supervisor Formally Oppose $15 Minimum Wage

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – All but one on the Livingston County Board of Supervisors approved a message of formal opposition to New York State increasing the state minimum wage to $15 and providing 12 weeks of paid family leave to all employees of businesses in the state. The only outlier was Springwater Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry, who supported $15 an hour minimum wage and 12-week paid leave by voting 'nay' on both formal … [Read more...]