Springwater’s AWOL Super Keeps Defending Absence from County Meetings

SPRINGWATER – Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry continues to defend her near total absence from all of her Livingston County meetings. On Dec. 6, the GeneseeSun.com released an update reporting that Babbitt-Henry had officially missed all Human Services Committee meetings and 17 of 22 meetings of the Board of Supervisors. On Dec. 7, Babbitt-Henry posted the following as a Facebook comment on our story: "I answered the Suns negative … [Read more...]

Springwater Supervisor Defends Absence from County Meetings

SPRINGWATER – Thursday night, Town Supervisor Deborah Babbitt-Henry defended her absence from more than half of County meetings. The Supervisor said that her full-time job is the reason that she has missed more than half of the County's Board of Supervisors meetings and all of her Human Services Committee meetings this year. Capitalization, bolding and underlining is from Babbitt-Henry's email: "I work a FULL TIME job in addition to my … [Read more...]