Tag-Team Thieves Fess Up to Crimes

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Two cohorts in a poorly hatched scheme to steal a credit card in Dansville and use it to buy several items across Livingston County, including Geneseo, pled guilty to their crimes in county court on Thursday.

Kathleen Pritchard, 36, and Daniel Jischke, 49, and both waived their right to have their case presented to a Grand Jury and admitted to Forgery and Identity Theft related crimes, agreeing to jointly pay back the value of what they stole, which is currently estimated and under investigation.

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Pritchard, the apparent chief actor in the theft, pled guilty to Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree and is looking at 9 months of straight jail time at the County Jail. Though her attorney, public defender Ann Connor, did ask that she be Released on her own Recognizance (ROR), Judge Dennis Cohen denied her this.

Jischke pled guilty to Attempted Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree for his part in ‘aiding’ the theft of the card in Dansville and is looking at a sentence to the time he has served in jail plus his share of the joint restitution, once it is determined.

Jischke was Released on his own Recognizance (ROR) and given enhancement warnings meaning that if he gets in any further trouble with the law his sentence will be much harsher. He is set to be sentenced in April.

PHOTO CAPTION: (Photos/Livingston County Sheriff’s Office)

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