SUN VIDEO: York Farmer and Firefighters Beat Field Fire

YORK – A farmer helped firefighters put out a fire that swept up to 10 acres of his wheat field on River Road Wednesday afternoon.

The emergency call went out at about 2:48 p.m. reporting a wheat field fire on River Road at Craig Road.

John Miller, Second Assistant Chief for the York Fire Department, said that the farmer’s help was a huge advantage.

He said that the cause of the fire was a bad bearing in a combine that was working in that field.

Black smoke could clearly be seen for miles in every direction in the valley.

EMS crews provided water for firefighters, who thoroughly sprayed down the field alongside the farmer’s manure spreader.

The fire never reached several neighboring structures, some of which were across the road and some behind a small treeline.

Miller thanked the farmer and several other fire departments for their help. He encourages anyone interested to join the York Fire Department for emergencies like this.