SUN VIDEO: Veterans Reflect Through Collaborative Book ‘Blue Devils in Vietnam’

GENESEO — If you are looking for a hero, there is probably one on your street, and they likely served in Vietnam.

Geneseo, like all communities across America, made great sacrifices during the Vietnam War. The recently released collaborative memoir ‘Blue Devils in Vietnam’ shines a light on that community during that era.

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“While I was overseas there were others from my high school that went off and served and I had no idea,” said Tony Gurak, an Air Force Vietnam Veteran who served as a crew chief of a B-52 Bomber.”

The book is a collaborative account of over 30 Geneseo Central School Blue Devils who participated in the Vietnam War. It tells the story of before, during and after their experiences overseas.

“We wanted to preserve these experiences and stories,” said Gurak. “They deserved better and to let everyone know what they went through. It sure wasn’t a walk in the park.”

Amie Alden, Livingston County Historian, edited the book and assisted in research efforts that unexpectedly took two years to complete. The team left no stone unturned.

“I knew it would be challenging for a variety of reasons – most of all because after a cursory search, I found little to indicate any extensive research had been attempted locally on the subject.” said Alden. “So I decided to start from scratch and called one  of only a handful of Vietnam veterans I knew personally, my old mailman Roger Johnson.”

The Gurack segment is part II of a III part series produced by The as a video series to educate and inform the community on the book and the great sacrifices that these veterans made.

Watch part I featuring Army Veteran Roger Johnson HERE.