SUN VIDEO: Valley Artists Rejoice at Bear Fountain’s Return

GENESEO – Artists from all over the Genesee Valley turned heads on Main Street as they carefully captured the beauty of the bear fountain, detail by stunning detail.

The artists are with the Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters. Six members painted on Monday: Barbara Jablonski; Judy Saprano; Bobbie Gradl; Kathy Mannix; Carol Thiel; and Claudine Bartlett.

Sun Market

The group wanted to welcome the bear fountain they remember so well back to Main Street after its highly-publicized accident and repair.

The finished paintings will be on display and for sale at Sweet Arts Bakery on Main Street for Friday’s wine stroll.

The Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters will be out for other projects in Livingston County throughout the year. Their website is available here.