SUN VIDEO: National Warplane Museum’s Educational Programs Take Off

GENESEO – The National Warplane Museum’s educational programs are taking off, drawing kids and grownups from across Western New York to see real World War II planes, weapons and gear in action.

On Friday, that meant the museum was host to Cub Scout Troop 6066 of Indian Falls.

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“I liked the Tom gun and this plane the most,” said Cub Scout Spencer Kohl. “I knew that they had it but I didn’t know a lot about it.”

Reenactors volunteer their time to bring the gear of the period into perspective.

“I had a wonderful time with the kids,” said National Warplane Museum volunteer and reenactor Scott Clark. “They were all very interested. Some were quite knowledgeable, I was surprised, of the various aspects of the equipment and the uniforms. It’s fun to pass on what knowledge I have to another generation and maybe they’ll do the same when they get older.”

The museum saw a dramatic increase in the number of student and youth groups that are participating in their educational programs.

“We have worked very hard on educational programs here at the National Warplane Museum,” said Dawn Scheible, Media Relations Director for the National Warplane Museum. “It’s so exciting to see the marked increase of participation by school groups, scouts and special clubs.”