St. Agnes Kids Buy ‘Sneakers’ to Kick Multiple Sclerosis

(Photo/St. Agnes)

AVON – For this year’s Lenten Drive, ‘Making a Difference One Step at a Time,’ students earned quarters from their family, and sometimes the principal, Ms. Elizabeth Jensen, for doing extra chores and good deeds.

According to a press release from St. Agnes School, students used quarters to purchase ‘sneakers’ for $3, or the equivalent of one foot in quarters. The students colored their ‘sneakers’ any way they liked and then the sneakers were hung around the gym. If the students ‘walked’ all the way around the gym with their ‘sneakers,’ Ms. Jensen promised to kiss a chicken.

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“The students worked hard and purchased over 120 ‘sneakers’ achieving their goal and then some,” said St. Agnes School in their release. “The students raised approximately $365 which they decided to donate to the Multiple Sclerosis Association.”

In the past, students have donated to such wonderful causes as Ronald McDonald House, Heifer International and Mercy Flight.

As a tradition started by retired Principal Dr. Gerald Benjamin, the principal would then kiss an animal if the students achieved their goal. Dr. Ben was known to have kissed goats, rabbits, ducks, cows and even a boa constrictor.

To the students’ delight, on Friday April 7 before dismissing for the Easter break, Principal Ms. Elizabeth Jensen stuck true to her promise and kissed a chicken.

(Photo/St. Agnes)