Some Sights from the Air this July 3 and 4

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – July 3 is well known in the area for the Conesus Ring of Fire. I decided that an attempt at a night time shot of the lake lit in it’s annual glory would make for a nice shot. Unfortunately my hope of people starting their flares and fires early did not occur soon enough. Since I can’t fly at night, I have 30 minutes after sunset to be on the ground.

I did get a couple of shots that may be of interest to the Livingston County readers though before I touched down.

From this guest writer and photographer, I hope everyone had a great 3rd and 4th of July weekend.

A little outside of Livingston County, but the Perry Speedway also known as the Bullring sat quietly after this weekend’s racing action.

The Geneseo Airport will soon jump to life with the annual air show in a couple of weeks.
Local aviator Allen Roggen will receive the most prestigious award for a civilian pilot – the Wright Brothers Award this year

Everyone loves a good sunset, and this one was photographed at 2000 feet on the way back from Livingston County.

Three balloons launched from the south end of Letchworth Park captured here at about 2100 feet. They had to climb pretty high to find wind to move them.

Looking north from about the middle of Conesus Lake you can just make out the city skyline just to the right of center.

The new railroad bridge spanning the gorge is nearing completion.