Sheriff: ‘No Unnecessary Travel’ in York and Caledonia

Gusts kick up dust in East Avon. (Photo/Geoff Staley)

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Sheriff Thomas Dougherty issued a ‘no unnecessary travel’ advisory for Caledonia and York Wednesday evening.

Though Avon and Geneseo saw some damage and hazards, York and Caledonia bore the brunt of Wedesday’s high winds.

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“No unnecessary travel issued for the Town of Caledonia and Town of York until further notice. Please stay inside if you can.” tweeted Dougherty.

“Deputies are handling many calls for service for trees down, wires down, items being blown around causing damage etc,” posted Dougherty to Facebook. “If you do not have to be out, please stay home. If you have to be out, PLEASE use caution! If you come across an intersection with the traffic lights out, PLEASE come to a complete stop and proceed with caution. The winds are expected to diminish in the early evening. Thank you for helping us and safe travels!”

More than 2,000 people in and around Caledonia are currently in a blackout. Neighboring towns are experiencing scattered outages.

A tractor trailer blew over on Simpson Road in York . A tree fell onto a house on Brown Road in Caledonia, knocking down wires. Multiple utility poles came down in the area of Cowan and Stewart Roads in York.

Multiple trees, poles and power lines went down in Caledonia and York. Trees continue to fall on or near homes and buildings. No homes are yet reported to be seriously damaged.

In some areas of Avon, winds were strong enough to rip shingles from roofs.

Tree limbs and debris are blocking roads and making driving hazardous across the county.

Continue to follow the as further updates become available.

The truck accident in York. (Photo/Conrad Baker)

The truck accident in York. (Photo/Conrad Baker)

The truck rollover in York. (Photo/Conrad Baker)