Petition to Open Aldi at Lima’s Old Save-A-Lot Continues

LIMA – The petition to open an Aldi store in Lima is still short of the 1,000 supporters necessary.

The petition, available here, is seeking the support of those interested in having an Aldi open in the old Save-A-Lot property located on 5&20. As of Mar. 16, the Aldi petition has garnered 769 supporters, still 231 shy of the 1,000 needed. After voting, participants are also offered the opportunity to write a comment explaining why they want Aldi in town.

Sun Market

“Our town NEEDS a grocery store, not only for the residents but for our local businesses and for the hundreds if not thousands of travelers rolling through town,” said Mccala Burnett, petition initiator, on the petition website.

Comments started rolling in Jan. 30.

“I believe that aldi would do fabulous in our town and would be greatly supported! Also it would bring new jobs in our community,” Melissa Guckenbiehl wrote.

“I’m signing because I moved into Lima when I was eight years old, and grew up there,” Sabina Ion explained. “Its my hometown and I want to see it be as great as I remember it as.”

Numerous others had similar sentiments to Bethany Webster, who said, “I have 6 kids and do majority of my shopping at Aldi’s would love to have one closer that 30 minutes away.”

Graig Wheelock stated simply, “I live in Lima and we NEED a grocery store!”

Geneseo Aldi. (Photo/Anna Leslie)