Over 100-Foot Fall Caused Non-Life Threatening Injuries for Teen in Springwater

SPRINGWATER – The teen who fell more than 100 feet down a waterfall Tuesday afternoon was successfully transported to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

First responders who were at the scene confirmed Wednesday that the 18-year-old male is currently at Strong Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The incident was on private property about a mile off of Canadice Road.

“At about 3:26 p.m., we received a call of a subject who had fallen off a waterfall, behind us,” said Livingston County Chief Deputy Matt Burgess at the scene on Tuesday. “Units responded from several different fire departments as well as the Sheriff’s Office and located a subject at the bottom of the waterfall who was injured. It’s a big gully. Super steep slopes. Approximately 200 feet down, probably. And then there’s a dual waterfall. There’s a waterfall that’s probably 100 feet down and a very small plateau and an additional small waterfall below that. But it’s extremely high and steep.”

The teen is thought to have been hiking with a friend when he fell down the waterfall. He is not thought to have fallen its entire 200-foot height.

“He was with a friend,” said Burgess. “Hot day, summer, they were playing in the water. We’re still investigating all of the details, but they were going for a walk, hiking.”

Burgess praised the efforts of the Springwater Fire Department, who coordinated the rope rescue. A LifeNet helicopter took the young man from the scene while he was conscious, alert and breathing.

“It was extremely difficult for them [firefighters] to access,” said Burgess. “The only way to get down there is to tie off with ropes and actually rappel down in there. There’s no other way you could have done it. But the fire departments are fantastic. Springwater was great. They coordinated with Richmond, Bristol, their rope rescue guys are fantastic and I can’t say enough about them. They did a great job.”

Burgess added that this is only the Springwater Fire Department’s third call to the area in 15 years. There is no foul play suspected at this time and the area is considered safe.