Ontario County Clerk Gets No Confidence Vote

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     The Ontario County Clerk position is currently held by Matthew Hoose, who was first elected to the post in 2012.       On Thursday, Feb. 16, at the Ontario County Board of Supervisors meeting, the supervisors voted unanimously for a vote of “no confidence” in Hoose because of his lack of concern in not addressing complaints made by many about the significant delay in making requ ed payments as well as his  tard ess in providing reports to various state agencies.       According to the boa toed’s statement, “Despite these exhaustive efforts, the Clerk continues to fail to remit payments on time to creditors. He has consistently refused to report to the relevant oversight committees of the Board of Supervisors.       Hoose has been on the job for over a decade and ran unopposed as the Republican candidate for county clerk in 2019; supervisors were not aware unawareoblems until last year. According to board members, they addressed those issues with him in June 2022, but they needed to be solved.