Oak Tree’s First ‘Sun Cup’ to Award Fast, Healthy First Responders

GENESEO — The 12th annual Oak Tree Half Marathon and 5K will be on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and this year the GeneseeSun.com is sponsoring the ‘Sun Cup’ to promote First Responder wellness.

The ‘Sun Cup’ takes the net time of the 5K and Half Marathon of any two contestants from the same first responder or public safety department.

“This cup gives the first responders a goal to run off some of their stress and train with a co-worker to compete at a great local event,” said Josh Williams, General Manager and co-owner of the GeneseeSun.com. “This is an option for first responder agencies to compete in a friendly atmosphere to win the cup and have it engraved with their names and have it displayed in their office until the next year.”

First responders get a 50 percent discount for participating in this year’s ‘Sun Cup’. For the 50 percent discount code, please email newsroom@geneseesun.com.

“The first responders do so much for our community and we just want to show our support,” said Williams. “This is a fun and healthy way to do just that.”