More ‘Trump’ and Slur Vandalism Appears at SUNY Geneseo

GENESEO – SUNY Geneseo police are investigating the appearance of more vandalism using the name ‘Trump.’ This time, the message also contains a homophobic slur.

Etched into the wall of a men’s bathroom stall are the words ‘Trump’ and ‘F–K F—-T LIBERALS.’

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“The college is aware of the act of vandalism in a Bailey Hall men’s room,” said SUNY Geneseo spokesman David Irwin. “University Police is investigating the incident to identify the person or persons responsible.”

A SUNY Geneseo student made a post to Facebook after seeing the vandalism.

‘Whew, y’all really got ahead of us by scrawling homophobic sh[*]t in a private space and then running away,” posted Kalil Hendel. “That toilet actually runs on liberal tears instead of water now, gr8 work.”

Over 100 people ‘reacted to the post on Facebook.

“This makes me so sad. I always remember feeling safe at Geneseo,” Ashley Wool. “Like people were always looking out for each other. This is not who we are. I hope whoever is behind this comes forward and finds a way to heal the anger in his heart.”

Two other investigations are still ongoing by SUNY Geneseo Police, New York State Police and the New York State Division of Human Rights.

On Nov. 12, 2016, a swastika and the word ‘Trump’ appeared in a common room in Nassau Hall.

Then, on Nov. 30, 2016, the letters ‘KKK’ were written in mustard on the face of the college’s famous gazebo.

SUNY Geneseo President Denise Battles condemned the graffiti in November. The College has not issued a statement on this latest vandalism.

‘I am, in a word, outraged at these unlawful and reprehensible acts that continue to violate our inclusive community, and I condemn them utterly. Let me unequivocally state that the College stands in solidarity against these acts.

SUNY Geneseo covered the message with a garbage bag. (Photo/Conrad Baker)